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Who’s running Congress Party?

Many years back when the news of many members of Congress being on the payroll of KGB, the USSR’s Intelligence Agency, appeared in Indian newspapers, I was shocked but not worried as I thought we had managed to put this behind us.

When the otherwise extremely silent Indian PM, Shri. Manmohan Singh, turned vicious and dared Left Parties to withdraw support over Indo-US Nuclear Deal in 2008, I was mighty surprised. I thought it was just a Prestige Issue. Prime Minister couldn’t speak during the Confidence Motion as the Cash for Votes Scam broke out in the Indian Parliament. He issued a written statement and I felt I had not clearly understood Dr. Manmohan Singh. Behind his gentle exterior is a very insecure, incompetent, ruthless and venomous man.

After the re-election in 2009, the way the house was rocked with Shri. L K Advani’s revelations in the Lok Sabha on 3rd Marh 2010, about the secret backdoor meetings between India-US and Pakistan over relaxation of Indian position on Kashmir Issue, and the way in that speech Manmohan Singh avoided any committed reply on the issue but reacted very sharply when Advaniji pointed fingers on the role played by the US in a bilateral issue of India and Pakistan, I was for the first time worried about what the Prime Minister was upto and why was he retaliating so uncharacteristically to defend Barrack Hussein Obama.

For those who’d like to read the Speech by Advaniji and rebuttal by Prime Minister Singh, they can go to Page 57 of

I remember feeling uncomfortable that day and tweeting frantically about how Prime Minister Singh had responded to Advaniji’s allegation of interference by US on directions of US President Barrack Hussein Obama, but not refused the allegation of “backdoor discussions with Pakistan under the tutelage of USA over the Kashmir Issue.”

I was also disturbed by the fact that the sitting PM had lied on the floor of the house on another issue raised by Advaniji in the same speech, the matter of One Rank, One Pension. I knew it instantly as I happen to be son of a retired Naval Officer, myself. In fact, while PM Singh assured the house that day that the One Rank, One Pension scheme is already being implemented, one year has passed an matters have not moved even an inch. But that is a matter of another debate.

The more surprising issue was if India is indeed taking decisions on its own or has the CIA aka the US Government infiltrated the Government of India completely and have the Indian Prime Minister completely in their control.

The subsequent public demeanor by Dr. Singh, reinforced this doubt. His eagerness, submissive notes etc., while dealing with the US, really made me uncomfortable. Obviously, I was wondering if we are having a Manchurian Candidate in India.

Two highly acclaimed Books: Base of my fear

The fear was also founded in that fact that in the past such management of our Prime Ministers had taken places through the very capable offices of KGB. I had read about the same in two very interesting books, which were highly acclaimed, considered genuine and respected by professionals in Intelligence and Governments worldwide.

These two Books were – Mitrokhin Archive 2 – The KGB and The World, written by Christopher Andrew and Vasili Mitrokhin and – A State within A State, written by Yevgenia Albats.

Mitrokhin was a Chief Archiver in KGB and maintain private copies of every single record he archived at KGB Archives for some 40years he served. One day he defected to UK. There the records he brought along were verified and were found to be by far the most genuine pieces of information. Based on this information, selective pieces were published in a two part book called Mitrokhin Archive.

Yevgenia Albats is a senior journalist in Russia and braved herself through the files in the KGB, and wrote this wonderful book to expose the hold of KGB on the Government in USSR and later Russia.

First Instance of Congress being Financed by KGB revealed

In Mitrokhin Archive 2 – The KGB and the World, there are two chapters dedicated wholly to India. Around 30 pages are dedicated to India through chapters interesting called – The Special relationship with India 1 & 2. On Page 322 and 323, of this book, Mitrokhin’s Archives from KGB reveal that Congress, through Lalit Narayan Mishra, under the leadership of Indira Gandhi, received money from KGB.

It clearly States that, a transaction amounting to Rs.30 Lakh, in the pre-1975 era (much bigger in today’s terms) was given to Congress. The KGB reveals that Indira Gandhi, while personally living a Frugal life, has much dependence on these funds provided by KGB.

For those who are interested in reading these paragraphs themselves can read it here:

Simply put, it means that Congress was compromised. KGB wasn’t paying charity to Congress because they loved the Party, but paid Congress because it was serving the National Interest of USSR.

Second Instance of Congress being Financed by KGB revealed

In A State within A State by Yevgenia Albats, on Page 223, Albats reveals a letter from file no. f. 5, op. 6, por no. 12, d. 131, t. 1, l.d 103-104.

The letter is written by Viktor Chebrikov, the KGB Chief from 1982-88, to possibly the Politburo. Albats produced only the Excerpts in her book. It reveals that Chebrikov had received communication from Rajiv Gandhi that he has expressed deep gratitude for benefits accruing to his family. And that the funds obtained through this channel are used to support his Party, which is obviously the Congress Party.

All those who want to read the concerned Page on their own can read it here:

Again, it shows clearly that even in early 80s (this letter could possibly have been written between 1982-October 1984, as it doesn’t refer to Rajiv Gandhi as Premier Minister, it instead refers to him as Son of Indian Premier Minister). The reference to Foreign Trade Organizations which Rajiv seems to control and which works in cooperation with Soviet Foreign Trade Organization also leaves a stink as Mohammed Yunus, a very close-aide of Indira Gandhi had been the Chairman of Indian Trade Fair Authority for a long time. But a detailed investigation is required to establish clear links.

Third Instance of Congress being Financed by a Foreign Govt (This time US and possibly CIA)
On 17th March 2011, The Hindu and rest of the media fraternity published the Classified Cables from Steven White, Charge D’Affaires in India to Washington D.C.

There we find reference of Capt. Satish Sharma’s house being used to keep the money amounting to almost Rs.50-60crores as claimed by Nachiketa Kapur, an alleged assistant of Sharma to a US Embassy Official. The incident is marked on 16th July 2008, six days before the Confidence Motion in the Parliament due to withdrawal of support by Left Parties protesting against the Indo-US Nuclear Deal.

The Embassy Staff seems to have debriefed his office that two chests containing cash were shown by Nachiketa Kapur and was told that a total of Rs.50-60 crores was lying around the house for the purpose of Horse-Trading.

For those who are interested in reading the series of Cables themselves can read it here:

What is out of the ordinary is, why would a man entrusted with such a serious and secretive issue of paying MPs or handling money to be paid to MPs, show the money and share its intended application with any outsider, leave alone a US Embassy official. We all know that the knowledge of such secrets or revealing of such secrets can cause fatal damage.

If Nachiketa Kapur was kept around in spite of the disclosure of his Fraud in Woman’s Commission about his education background, then he surely had qualities that suited the Seniormost leaders in Congress. Would such a man open his mouth loosely in front of a person who is not concerned with the task? Obviously, No.

To substantiate the above mentioned point, especially in the light of the fact that Capt. Satish Sharma and Nachiketa Kapur have both denied knowledge of each other, here's an article that appeared one day after I published this post originally:

Everybody must know that Nachiketa Kapur was, in fact, so well known to the Sharmas, that he was declared the Proxy Host for Capt. Satish Sharma's son Satish Sharma's wedding. Not only this, he's known to be the host of many parties organised for the Diplomats in Delhi. Can such a man, who's hanging around the diplomatic circle be suffering from a loose mouth? Absolutely not.

Check this 2008 news item from Times of India's Delhi Edition where Samir Sharma's (son of Capt. Satish Sharma) wedding was covered. Dated 16th December 2008. The Article will show the name of Nachketa Kapur, right after Rahul Gandhi and the Vadras, in the "Spotted" section.

Why would Nachiketa Kapur, who was handling such a sensitive task of handling money for purchase of MPs then share it with a US Embassy Official?

Please remember, Dr. Manmohan Singh had risked the existence of the Government over a deal that USA was quite eager to execute with India.

The signing of the deal depended greatly on survival of the UPA-1 Govt.

So, just like CIA watched the Warren Anderson case closely on 7th December 1984, as is revealed by the subsequent declassification of documents filed by CIA on the day, similarly CIA/US Embassy closely monitored the situation and “ensured” that all decisions are in the favor of USA.

The possibility of the money being supplied, obviously through a large scale Hawala Transaction, came from US. I guess, in intelligence community parlance, this would be called an “Active Measure”.

And Nachiketa Kapur was not showing off the cash to some Tom, Dick and Harry, he was showing it to an official who was operational on the case of successful passing of Confidence Motion on 22nd July 2008.

Of course, as expected Pranab Mukherjee, The Finance Minister, whimpered saying the cable is a sovereign matter and that US will never confirm the veracity of such a cable. Little did he know that Former US Ambassador to India, David Mulford, who held office during the period of this controversy in 2008, will go public and stand by the report that his office had made.

People can read David Mulford's statement confirming accuracy of the matter in these cables, here:

This is a serious issue of a Compromise of National Interest by individuals occupying high offices in the Government of India.

This issue clearly shows that probably even today, Congress under Sonia Gandhi, collects payments from Foreign Governments through their various agencies to run its operations, in addition to the almost $145bn financial scam committed by them in various sectors between 2004 and 2010 alone.

This cannot be an acceptable situation.

The Prime Minister must resign, gracefully. The Government must GO. Investigations must be held to verify such doubts emanating from so much of literature in public domain, indicating Congress being bankrolled by Foreign Governments and their various agencies. Guilty must be charged, sentenced and jailed, appropriately.

India’s Political System needs some major sanitization.

I hope more and more people become aware of this and join the fight to ensure Foreign Agents are not running the country either today or in the future.

With a Positive Hope…

Since I posted this, Wikileaks has dropped Bombshells after Bombshells. I would like everyone to read them.

1. WikiLeaks reveal India repeatedly sought US approval:

2. Cable about approval for Singh as PR in UN:

3. Cable about India's Iran Policy and Leakouts by MEA Official:

4. Julian Assange asserting genuineness of the Cables released by Wikileaks"


  1. It's very clear that congress has no moral respect on our country, now it is being proven scam and scam everyday , the demands of people of Egypt and the poblic thinking of india is the same. The only difference is they changed te govt , we r not yet. The same is happening in Tamil nadu also, one family is ruling like Mubarak in Egypt and they r earning ( looting) the poblic money in all manners. But our pm will say it's coalition control. Shame . N.Venkatesan Twitter @ cfcvenkat

  2. Piyushji, I can feel the pain and helplessness that is inherent in this blazingly frothing well researched blog. The data provided is spik and span for the reader to understand. The gross sell-outs that has been, over the past several years of Congress governance, happening in our country is unbearable and astounding. The alarming factor remains that in this sell-out, has not the national security been compromised? Obviously it would have been, rather, it has been for the reckoning. That the KGB and the CIA have filtered into the essential arms and legs of our national security now remains certain. The extent of requisition and damage this sell-out must have caused can not be envisaged. Returns in cash and kind to the Gandhi family has been substantial. Rajiv Gandhi's gleeful acknowledgement of receipt of fat cheques speaks volumes of the integrity and honesty they hold for our country. That skeletons have been tumbling out of the cupboard at frequent intervals now, thanks to Wikileaks, can only be complemented indirectly. If not, we the citizens of this great country, would have been forever kept in ignorance of how our nation has been staked out for personal gains.

    Yes, the Prime Minister, if he can be called one at that, should resign immediately. The common man should be made aware of the dangerous extent the Congress Party has stretched our country to. They must be told and made to understand how Foreign Interests, USA particularly, has been more or less determining our governance rather than any meritorious contributions from within. Sonia Gandhi and those in her proximity should be arrested, questioned, and punished as deem fit. The Prime Minister too, guilty by no silly means, should be brought to his knees regardless of his age or multiple bypasses. He has cheated us into believing him and trusting him as an honest man.

    Congress Party must be eliminated. Everything unwholesome,incriminating and objectionable must be brought to scrutiny and subsequent punishment as deem fit for which the Honorable Supreme Court must intercede. No doubt, thanks to CJI Kapadia, loads of muck is being unearthed. Let the common man understand its intricacies and importance and react. Now is the time and react we must.

    Joining you with a positive hope, JAI HIND!

    A compelling, angry and brutal blog Sir. Your despair is equally shared here. THANKS!

  3. Historically congress has ruled the country for over 47 yrs.There is a large percentage of society which has never trusted congress, but with their money power and foreign funding, they have managed to regain power.Russia and USA have had interest in keeping congress happy for larger political gains. It is only the common man who is the one who has suffered and if corrective steps are not taken will continue to suffer

  4. Very Good Article. I think its not US or USSR who is controlling Congress. If time permits please research upon 'Bilderberg Group'. Post first economic depression this grp consisiting of powerful Industrialist, Bankers are controlling world economic policies. Even in the US,it does not matter whether republic had government or democrats, intra as well as inter policies r controlled by this nasty grp. Many of the experts says they have funded everyone from Hitler to Stalin to Idi Amin to create unrest.

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