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AAP Phenomena

There is a lot of energy right now around Aam Aadmi Party. Political atmosphere is largely chaotic. If Delhi State Assembly Elections had not brought the results they did, then Political Atmosphere in India would have been a lot more stable, predictable and in the direction of Optimism.

Today, people & political analysts are still trying too hard to make sense. The country is divided in two over views on AAP. Those in favor and those against it. That is a very natural thing as well.

AAP’s considerable newness does make people uncomfortable, not only with its presence, but also the support it has received. That is natural too.

Amongst those opposed to AAP, again there are two groups. One who take it seriously, amongst whom some are quite baffled by them, and then those who rubbish them, even today write them off and look forward to a completely different result in General Elections.

Media’s undue and extremely favorable coverage has done little to throw light on this AAP Phenomena. From the point of view of volunteered political bias towards AAP, media has done a fine job, but from the point of expected neutrality from media houses, whose very reason for existence is to show light on the dark alleys of Indian Public Life, Media has done a pathetic job.

As a matter of fact, Media’s conduct in post independent India has been a mixed bag, with more undesirable conduct than the desirable one and there is every reason to take away their Right to Operate under a Fundamental Right that actually belongs to Citizens of the Country and has been loaned to Press for the purpose of expressing Collective Voice of the Nation and sharing with the nation the information about the Public Affairs of the Country in an unbiased manner. Press Commission’s 1952 Report will shed more light on this expectation.

In such a Scenario, it only makes sense to share a personal view about this AAP Phenomena. My views are not only aimed at shedding some light but also at directing some sunlight on AAP. After all, Sunlight is considered a great disinfectant.

The Rot within the Country – The Infection

In 2004, when BJP scored badly in General Elections, due to multiple reasons, Congress took charge. What is now known as UPA 1, was Congress’ led Coalition Govt that ran the show between 2004-2009.

In 2007 & 2008, NP Durga of TDP, SS Ahluwalia of BJP, RC Singh of CPI questioned Govt on 2G Spectrum Sale.

After the Election in 2009, BJP tried to raise the matter of 2G Scam. On 23rd July 2009, Ganga Charan of BSP, Dr. V Maitreyan of AIADMK, Chandan Mitra, Rajiv Chandrashekhar & Arun Jaitley from BJP raised the issue of 2G Spectrum Scam.

In 2010, a conflict over business interest between Suresh Kalmadi & Times of India Group, led to disclosures on Scam in Commonwealth Games. Since, a media house was itself an adversely affected party, due coverage was given to the CWG Scam. Soon the CAG reported Rs.70,000cr Corruption in these games.

Thereafter, CAG brought out one scam after another – 2G Scam at Rs.1.76 Lakh Crore, Coal Scam at over Rs.10 Lakh Crore, Air India Scam, K-G Basin Scam, so on and so forth.

In 2010 itself, on the issue of Price Rise & Corruption, under Nitin Gadkari’s President-ship, BJP opened fronts against the Govt in the Parliament. With a compliant Speaker in Loksabha and compliant Chairman in Rajyasabha, BJP could make little headway in the Parliament. Eventually, BJP was left with only one option to mark its protest and attract the attention of the Nation to failure of Govt machinery, Price Rise & staggering size of Corruption.

The protest started to spill out. Nitin Gadkari led roadshows in various parts of India. BJP started putting details of Scams one after the other in the public domain. During this period, apart from roadshows attended by 1000s of people in every city, BJP released booklets that carried details of various scams uncovered by then.

In the meanwhile, BJP also released the 2nd Report of the Taskforce on Blackmoney stashed in Swiss Banks, prepared by a formidable team of S Gurumurthi, Ajit Doval, Prof R Vaidyanathan & Mahesh Jethmalani.

The entire country felt the Rot in Governance in India. On one side, Inflation was eating up savings and making life unaffordable, Govt’s taxation policy was adding to public’s pocket from one side and extracting double from the other side, petrol prices were continuously peaking up (more on surcharges rather than price of Petrol), on the other, the news of mega-corruption in 2G Spectrum sale, CWG, S-Band (Rs.2 Lakh Crore) etc. and Govt’s refusal to act on offer of cooperation from Germany etc on tracking Corruption Money stashed in Swiss Banks was totally demoralizing the Country.

Demoralization of a country is a very big thing. It means there is a huge trust deficit between the Citizens of the Country and the Govt of the Day. It is a sign of extreme weakness in the Country and creates a fertile ground for enemies of the Nation to act against such a country’s National Interest.

During this period, Dr. Subramanian Swamy took the matter of 2G Spectrum to the Court and the high-profile arrests that followed attracted media’s entire attention to the goings-on in 2G Scam. Public memory being short, BJP’s struggle against Price Rise & Corruption were soon forgotten and an impression was created that BJP played the role of a Weak Opposition.

The fact however was that when blocked in the Parliament from raising its voice, BJP refused to give in and brought the attention of the nation to the matters of Corruption through jamming of Parliament Sessions. That was the only way BJP could get “some” attention from media on these issues.

Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi led Public Account’s Committee and faced severe opposition going to the extent of alleged man-handling by Manish Tewary and his ilk, when Dr. Joshi refused to give-in and made the submission of a damning Report on 2G Spectrum Scam & Recommendations, at grave personal risk.

Public also forgot about BJP’s hardwork because a feeling of victory was setting in, on account of high-profile arrests in 2G Spectrum Scam case, as well as later, in CWG Case. So, while BJP did everything to bring people’s attention, it was seen weak on account of getting such high-profile arrests made. This was a very natural reaction.

Over the years, all these high profile arrests resulted into nothing. All those arrested under preventive custody have been released and live a fairly peaceful life.

Birth of Diversion, the Vehicle for Worms – Lokpal Bill

Anyway, public was agitated, arrests were happening, Congress & its corrupt allies were under severe attack. Congress tried various tricks from its Century & a Quarter old book to quell this anger. Aruna Roy, in NAC, proposed an Old proposed-law that proposed an office of Ombudsman to look into cases of corruption. Since its conception in 1963, recommendation by 1st Administrative Reforms Committee in 1966 and first introduction in 1968, Lokpal Bill, in its various avatars had failed to be enacted and ended up lapsing everytime with the end of tenure of Lok Sabha. Its final and possibly the most powerful shape was given by BJP in its 2001 Draft. The Bill was however sent to Standing Committee and then met the same fate of lapsing.

Lokpal Bill was a masterstroke. In one single stroke, the Country bought the idea of a ram-baan ilaaj (one medicine for all the illnesses). Public was tired of public scrutiny. Congress on the other hand succeeded in getting public’s attention off the details that were being poured into the upright CAG of the time, Shri. Vinod Rai.

As public started to miss out on specific, detailed and gory details of corruption, the discussion around corruption became more misdirected, vague and therefore, ineffective. What else did Congress want?

So much so, that in spite of Lokayukta Report on misuse of money by Sheila Dikshit Govt, in spite of Shunglu Committee Report, in spite of CAG Report on CWG, Congress managed to set aside all investigation in to CWG, along with the 2G Spectrum Scam investigation.

Public in turn was busy singing the song for Office of Lokpal, conveniently forgetting that anti-corruption bureau, CVC etc had all been brought in with similar fan-fare and ultimately, been so dependent on the person in the Chair, that they were effectively rendered ineffective. Compliant folks found way into such offices.

For e.g., while Pratyush Sinha was a tough CVC who made some serious investigation into 2G Spectrum Scam during his tenure, Congress tried to place a pliant Officer P J Thomas who was himself an accused in an old Palm Oil Scam case, as the next CVC.

Public conveniently forgot that it was all the way BJP’s Opposition to P J Thomas’ appointment as CVC, including sharing details of his own corruption with Indian Public, that led to ouster of that shameless man.

Wriggling worms take birth – Arvind Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal, an ex-IRS Officer, who has a psychological disorder that disallows him from focusing and concluding on any single task that he undertakes, took leave from Income-Tax Dept, seemingly to campaign for RTI. Harsh Mander & Aruna Roy were his mentor.

The urgency for RTI cannot be understood. But yes, before he participated in RTI, he does seem to have received some favor from Sonia Gandhi. This was about staying within Delhi NCR Circle of Income-Tax Dept.

The urgency for RTI is difficult to understand because a Law called Freedom of Information Act, 2002, enacted by BJP already existed and under this notification for Voluntary Disclosure of Information were already in place with various Ministries & Depts. Of course, Sonia Gandhi wanted to steal credit for Ground Breaking Laws, to hide her own incompetence and this she did through her fiefdom called NAC.

Kejriwal never went back to Income Tax Dept, after his leave got over. Not only did Kejriwal start an NGO, which he was barred to do as per Rules for Govt employees, and raised money, reportedy & allegedly amounting to Rs. 2cr through contacts of one of his mentors Harsh Mander, but also now he was refusing to report to work while still drawing salary. Clearly a sign of the Psychological Disorder of an otherwise sharp mind, which had now found fun & challenge in Social Activism.

Repeal fo Freedom of Information Act & Replacement of its near carbon-copy RTI Act was handled almost single-handedly by Kejriwal’s other mentor Aruna Roy. All of them were part of another NGO called NCPRI. Aruna was in NAC.

So, when the time came for diverting public’s attention from specific details of individual corruption cases, so that no pressure was felt for prosecution of corrupt ministers of Congress & its Allies, Aruna Roy naturally, considered using Kejriwal.

Details are unavailable, sketchy and therefore not worth going into, but Kejriwal & Aruna Roy seemingly fell out over details of the Draft of Lokpal. At least so they say. How far all these gossips are true is immaterial. That is a scenery.

The detail is, that Lokpal was the center of attraction, details of specific corruption cases put into public domain, follow-up on prosecution of individual corruption cases, was now history. Nobody knew what was follow-up on 2G Spectrum Scam, in Courts. Nobody bothered about Kalmadi in Jail over CWG. Everyone looked for one-stop shop of Lokpal.

Avatar 1 – India Against Corruption

Kejriwal’s psychological disorder also makes him destructive, parasitic & therefore, predatorial. He nearly ignores what he possesses without losing the possessiveness, gets obsessed with what he doesn’t have, uses his determination, sharp mind to bring along people who’ll not over power him but fit well within his larger scheme and once their utility is over, as far as his personal scheme is concerned, and then looks for next person.

Kejriwal, reportedly, approached many people. Many refused to be co-opted but sympathized with the cause he espoused. Afterall, almost everyone was fed-up with Corruption. The alarming scale it had assumed, pinched even the most willing businessmen.

Then, he managed to get the sympathies and full cooperation of Baba Ramdev, who was then scheming his own political initiative, Bharat Swabhimaan.

At a function organized by Baba Ramdev in Feb 2010, Kejriwal, an unknown figure spoke passionately against corruption, spoke passionately in favor of Maoism and invited people to join him and Anna Hazare at Jantar Mantar. Few people knew Anna Hazare outside Maharashtra, but everyone knew Corruption. And public was willing to join anything that looked even remotely designed to fight corruption.

As the crowd poured in at Jantar Mantar, India Against Corruption took birth, and bid bye-bye to Baba Ramdev.

RSS, however, in its usual unsung style backed this anti-corruption crusade. Kejriwal waved Jan Lokpal Bill draft at folks. As I went through details, I laughed at them because there was no way his draft was making sense and was clearly non-compliant with the Constitutional Requirements.

Where there is crowd, there is media and entertainers. All kinds of people, who didn’t need education on Corruption, were already fed-up and were looking to back anything that gave illusion of fighting corruption, joined IAC at Jantar Mantar. But no seasoned anti-Corruption Crusader ever joined IAC.

Anyone who has ever fought corruption could immediately see that the methods suggested by Kejriwal will never end corruption. Corruption is bred through faulty processes in Administration. They are born out of loopholes in laws, in procedures etc. I distinctly remember requesting some of my affected friends to ask Kejriwal & IAC Members to invite other established anti-Corruption Crusaders to their Team and the current team looked short on knowledge and Old Champions will get a strong platform which Kejriwal had received from active participation of People.

But then where did Kejriwal require people better than him and more dedicated to Corruption? That was never the idea anyway.

Distrubances within the Country, agitations and revolutions outside the Country, especially Tehrir Square, Egypt tc were giving romantic ideas  about revolutions to Youth. That is all that Kejriwal was interested in. That is all that was necessary to keep people talking of Corruption, which was on their mind, and yet never get a single case prosecuted.

Avatar 2 – Team Anna

Baba Ramdev was gone. Anna Hazare was the new Gandhi, or Jayaprakash Narayan. They equated it with new Emergency Days. Third wave of Nation Freedom.

Parliamentary System was ridiculed. Public was motivated against Democratic institutions by giving an impression that 120bn people will rule themselves. Political Leaders, who had little credibility anyway, were ridiculed liberally. No distinction was made between good leaders and bad ones. All were painted with same brush.

Shanti Bhushan, Prashant Bhushan, Justice Hegde & Kiran Bedi were other key members. Allegations of Corruption and Audio Recordings of Discussions by Bhushan Family were suppressed and ignored. Right on the very face of it, anti-Corruption Crusade of Kejriwal was refusing to take cognizance of charges of corruption against its own prominent Team Members.

While some of them participated in Joint Deliberations on Draft of the Bill with the Govt, other held fort on stage. A career IPS Officer like Kiran Bedi embarrassed herself and her more decent admirers with shameful dramas and acts on the stage ridiculing even those political leaders against whom there are no corruption charges and have an extremely clean image.

Socially, battle-lines were drawn. If you are not with Team Anna, you are with Corruption.

Large parts of crowd, food & water to crowd etc were still managed by RSS members, on a voluntary basis, out of goodwill for a seemingly noble cause.

Drama ended, with introduction of a shoddy copy of Lokpal Draft prepared by Govt. BJP backed many provisions of Jan Lokpal Draft that could stand scrutiny of Constitutional Benches. They were easy for BJP also because they were part of BJP’s own 2001 Draft.

BJP got the shock, when in spite of overwhelming support given to Kejriwal’s Team Anna, at the end of the agitation, Kejriwal refused to thank BJP and warmly hugged Sandeep Dikshit, right on the stage, in the middle of all the media attention. That stab from Kejriwal may have been extremely painful for BJP. It disenchanted many rightwingers. The Predator had again found the Prey…

Avatar 3 – Aam Aadmi Party

Right after a very successful agitation under Team Anna, during media interviews, on practically no provocation, Kejriwal disowned Kiran Bedi, who appeared closer to Anna Hazare.

Soon thereafter, Kejriwal “revealed” his plans to float Political Party. This was against Anna Hazare’s repeated advice since April 2011. Political Parties were strictly advised to stay away from the stage of either India Against Corruption & Team Anna. Kejriwal knew the old man won’t agree. Nor did he care for that. His problem was, Anna Hazare had considerably large goodwill.

Anna Hazare’s goodwill has been so much that even his most bitter critics and enemies speak respectfully to him, even though he may have spewed venom against them publicly sometime back. No political leader was harsh to him. He was Anna ji to them all. Kejriwal was too small an insect then. Dismissing Anna Hazare, to run his Political Outfit, would have meant a serious wrath too early in his career.

Kejriwal kept is graceful with Anna Hazare. Never letting him know how he despises him. Old man is shrewd himself. Going out of line against his instructions is enough for him to know how much someone respects him. But without necessary provocation, Anna Hazare would have caused his own goodwill some unnecessary injury. Both remained graceful to each other, agreeing to disagree with each other.

Predator had now thrown out Justice Hegde, Kiran Bedi & Anna Hazare out of his camp.

Aam Aadmi Party – Worm gives Freebie

Aam Aadmi Party was launched. Kejriwal, who is a Crorepati, lives in a 4 Bedroom House, has plots of land at various places, owns 2300sft flat in Gurgaon, managed a carefully cultivated look. He seemed to have taken tuitions on this from nothing less than Laloo Prasad Yadav.

Possibly Kejriwal should wear size 39 Shirt, but he would Wear Size 44 shirt. He can afford, good shoes etc. but he would wear worn out chappals. Giving impression to common people that he is one amongst them and believes in Simple Living & High Thinking.

You might think he fought his elections on an anti-Corruption Platform. Nothing is farther from Truth.

Kerjiwal & his Aam Aadmi Party, fought the elections on Populist Demands and not anti-Corruption Platform. Yes, he did link each of his Populist Promise with economic possibility of those promises because everyone else apart from him, is Corrupt. Using crass language against Political Leaders, he promised action against Sheila Dikshit, if he was brought to power.

He supported unauthorized colonies, encroachments. He supported unauthorized Electricity connections. Backed non-payment of Electricity Bills, illegal reconnections of Electricity connections of people who lost connection due to non-payment of Bills.

As elections approached, Kejriwal made one unrealistic, populist policy after another. People of Delhi lapped it. No political party thought that public would do this. Certainly not the Right wing. They forgot that Freebies like 700 ltr free-water, 50% reduction in Electricity is AAP’s version of Liquor, Egg-Biryani & Cash Payouts. This was White-Collared execution of Blue-Collared Political Ideas to Voters.

Yogendra Yadav was co-opted. With that attention of media was co-opted again. Pre-poll Surveys appeared. Doctored surveys played on another known weakness of Indian Voters. Speculation and betting on a Winning Horse. Everything possible was done to create a perception that AAP has a winning chance.

During this entire period, allegations of corruption against many AAP members kept surfacing. Anjali Damania, Mayank Gandhi, Sting videos on Kumar Vishwas and others and what not. AAP never subjected even one member to Law & Order of the Land. Everyone was exonerated after a jokeful Internal Lokpal Inquiry.

After elections, even though BJP was the single largest party, the political alliance between Congress & AAP looked imminent. Had to be. And finally it did become a truth.

Kejriwal was salivating. He got what he didn’t think was possible even remotely, irrespective of his statements of bravado. But he had postured strongly against Congress in public, to get public’s favor for his own Party. Public’s real anger was directed at Congress, who they saw was mainly responsible for Corruption & Price Rise.

Kejriwal threw up his last drama of Referendum, wasted time from December 8, 2013, when results were announced, to December 21-22nd, 2013, or so. As an icing on cake, Kejriwal travelled by Delhi Metro to his Oath-taking Ceremony Extravaganza.

Finally, Kejriwal shook the Indian Politics and all the speculation for General Elections 2014.

What is Kejriwal upto now?

Kerjiwal is least interested in either Delhi State Govt or Delhi Lok Sabha Elections. He has conquered Delhi already. He is already bored with his victory. His psychological disorder has taken him to a new pursuit - General Elections.

Kerjiwal had nothing to offer on Free-Water and 50% Cheaper Electricity promise. The prices of Water & Electricity were not due to any Corruption of Politicians. Kejriwal could beat nothing in the System. Since he could make no Economic Sense, he loaded Delhi State Govt with an additional Rs.960 cr Subsidy.

The most interesting part is, Free-Water will reach 8.5 Lakh Families only out of nearly 30 Lakh Families in Delhi, all well-to-do.

Electricity too is poised to benefit the rich.

Who will face the brunt of these bad economic policies of Kejriwal? Delhiites. But what will media project and therefore create a Positive Perception, will, expectedly, bring votes to Kejriwal in other non-Delhi areas. What does Kejriwal lose? 7 Lok Sabha Seats.

Two days back, Kejriwal decided to allot himself a 10 Bedroom twin-bungalow unit. Public scrutiny, bad public perception, made him retrace his steps. Till a day back, Kejriwal was personally justifying his decision, but his friends in media portrayed retracing of this decision as Kejriwal’s “refusal” to occupy the Plush Bungalow in Lutyen’s Delhi.

Now you imagine the extent of co-operation and perception management targeted on General Elections.

Has this story been repeated in the past?

Yes. In 1876, under Lord Lytton, India had similarly bad economy. Peasants and workers were planning to rise against British Raj. In 1883, after retirement, a loyal British Civil Servant Allan Octavian Hume, invited people to join Indian National Congress, to protect the British Raj in India. Loyalty to British Monarch was the most important pledge for the members of Indian National Congress then.

In 2010-11, under Sonia Gandhi aka Antonia Maino, India again has a horribly bad economy & corruption. Common Man was agitated enough to rise against Congress-raj. A retired Civil Servant Arvind Kejriwal, attracted & invited people to join Aam Aadmi Party, to protect Congress-raj in India.

So loyal is Kejriwal, that he even played a similar “sacrifice drama” as did Sonia Gandhi in 2004 and many times earlier & later. And now, like his Idol, Kejriwal is planning an extra-constitutional Body of Unaccountable Advisors. A body on the lines of National Advisory Council.

How should we look at Kejriwal and Aam Aadmi Party?

We should always remember. Corruption and Bad Economy are Infections that a Country suffers. Infections breed Worms & Germs. Kejriwal & Aam Aadmi Party are those Worms & Germs. What do Worms & Germs do? They grow initially, in that conducive, infected atmosphere, worsen situation further. That is exactly what Kejriwal and Aam Aadmi Party are doing.

Kejriwal & Aam Aadmi Party have made a push for Economic Policy that we left behind in 1991. i.e. Policy of Subsidies. They offer no fresh, meaningful, productive idea. They have none, can offer none. They have Zero Experience of Governance. They stand to lose nothing. Only India stands to lose because of such Worms & Germs.

Do Worms & Germs go away from an infected body on their own? No, never. Untreated, they’ll flourish. Ultimately, they kill the body. Doctor’s prescribe antibiotics. Unless patient takes antibiotics and shows the willingness to cure himself, none can save.

It is same with Kejriwal & Aam Aadmi Party. We have to take pro-active steps. We have to take initiatives that act as antibiotic. We have to throw Sun-light, because there is no disinfectant like Sun-Light.


  1. AAP has not "conquered" Delhi, they have only spoofed it !!

    1. I agree but now its time to go in public and share your views with them and make people aware of what AAP is doing, they are hiring unemployed stupid peoples and keep banging corruption corruption in their head... literally brain-washing. Those people know that they won't be able to live proper life as they are not educated as others but when someone play sympathy card, nobody like to see their weakness but fault in others. This is whole psychological game Kejriwal is playing. I said this from the beginning that KEJRIWAL is having psychological problem: 1.) He thinks only he is right :: superiority complex 2.) Pathological liar:: Pathological liars typically lie to benefit themselves in some type of way. They don't take into account other people's feelings at all and only lie to get what they want. Pathological lying is worse in the sense that they realize they are lying but just don't care. In this case he makes other people believe that he is doing for others but infact he is actually doing for himself. EXAMPLE:: He knowingly joined ANNA that there is no party formation but he hide his own agenda and worked with ANNA to gain his trust and become FACE of movement.. when he realized he will not get what he want..he left and during DLEHI ELECTION he said he will remove corruption and provide what he promised.. when he asked what is his plan... he said he did detail research with the help of expert... and never clarify anything.... after election he tried to fulfilled his promises with subsidy and that will benefits only upper middle class and rich not the people he promised. Before election he went to police station with 370 pages of proof against SHEILA DIXIT after election he removed that proofs from his web site.... I STILL DON'T UNDERSTAND THAT SO CALLED educated and smart INDIAN people are worst than 1st so if you want to save the country you have to go out at-least an hour and talk to your friend and relatives and telll them to do the same thing... he has targeted the base and for that you have to reply accordingly... otherwise consequences are very very horrible... ENJOY

  2. "See my palm, I have strong lifeline" Arvind Kejriwal:

    Arvind shows the inner truth - 'the palm' a congress symbol !

  3. awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee............sir .....please shed some light more on WHY KEJRIWAL WANTS TO FIGHT ESPECIALLY FROM GUJURAT n maharstra???

  4. kahan the aap itne dino se?????????? thnxx a lot an eye opener...beautifully written...hats off

  5. Very comprehensive expose of a pied piper who's out to con the country. Excellent Work.

  6. One thought here Piyush....BJP has not done proper propaganda of its NDA and its achievements in the period 2004 till date. for instance none of its leaders including NaMo have highlighted that RTI was preceded by Freedom of Information Act.

    1. I agree. We've been making this request to Leaders ourselves. Unfortunately, they ignore.

    2. I fully agree if what u say is true.

  7. very well articulated Mr. Piyush... I have always maintained that Kejriwal is to Congress what Nehru was to British ... both have been stooges to mask the preceding ideology ... lets hope people will not get fooled in general elections of 2014...

  8. The time between the Delhi poll and ensuing LS 2014 poll is so short, and that Cong's hand is there to support AAP will not deter the general public who hv seen the corrupt cong regime to vote against it and vote Namo who has started campaigining much earlier. The MSM telecasting for AAP will be detrimental beyond a stage. Ramachandran V bangalore 5 1 2014

  9. Again You have joined all those who are not telling the whole story.of spectacular victory with 28 seats for AAP.ET WED 11 2013 has come out with a story, though after election results,one Muslim United Forum sent 15 lakh SMSs to Muslim voters to vote for AAP.These disgruntled Muslims had an issue with Congress on Wakf Property issue. That tells the other side of victory

  10. nice article guruji

  11. AAP was propped up to derail the Black Money Movement. We all know which countries banking system's will collapse if India's black money is brought back.

    Kejriwal is a national security threat.

    The sooner we Indians stop messing around with our own lives, the better it is for us.

  12. Very nice article ,I wish it was published before delhi voting. Even now please make it known to more voters before voting day.

  13. Very nice article ,I wish it was published before delhi voting. Even now please make it known to more voters before voting day.

    1. I have written it down. Now friends like you can spread it to others.

    2. excellent observation i just shared on my twitter and fb account hats off to u

  14. An excellent piece Mr. Piyush...must read for all..

  15. Let the sunlight not only be acted as disinfectant but also nurse common indians with 'vitamin D'

  16. Dear Piyush excellent article. Let us all make efforts so that maximum people read this piece.

  17. So very true Mr. Piyush, Thank you for the detailed article on the the virus called "Corruption" created by the party that divide and ruled us for all these years (CON) and the trojan worm born now (AAP). We need destroy it before it spreads and create havoc

  18. Fantastic research. What Kejriwal did about his government job is worth exploring legality-wise. Subramanium Swami should file a FIR against what he did. Would any other government officer get away with it?

  19. AAP is at best an amateur at what is clearly a seasoned game of corrupt politics. For everything in this article, what I cannot understand is how the author implies that BJP or Congress are actual alternatives for the public to vote for. Seriously, Piyush your memory seems to fade when it comes to Pramod Mahajan as being the original sinner as far the 2G scam is concerned, the BJP was the first party to bring about revenue sharing formula into spectrum licensing. The DoT then and today are as opaque as ever. The Congress follows closely with the several scams that have tumbled out and if for nothing else, but just their sheer arrogance should be voted out.

    I ask any of your readers, have you ever heard any debate on national TV be conducted in a civil manner where the speakers reply honestly without being evasive or indeed pointing the finger right back? The very fact that only lawyer turned spokespersons show up is evidence enough that the mainstream national parties have a well orchestrated "defence" in the public domain. Off late, listening to AAP candidates on TV debates has actually been a refreshing change from the mundane you said, i said.

    Truth be told, people of Delhi voted for an ALTERNATIVE to the 65 years of corrupt governance meted out, with arrogance might I add, by the national parties.

    And i'm no life term supporter of AAP... but what I do believe is that everyone deserves a chance. Having been put in for 6 months, it should be interesting to see how they do. In the land of NREGA, Food Security bills, tens of thousands of crores of free give aways, what is 960 crores (assuming even if the figure is correct) of water subsidy in Delhi? At least the AAP is bringing new ideas to the table - just listen to Kejriwal's first Vidhan Sabha speech of 17 points. Refreshing for any honest citizen of this country. Novices sure, but full marks for bringing a fresh line of thinking. And I do believe that AAP being a Congress stooge, is rather far fetched. Time will tell of course, but this time an unknown devil certainly seemed better for Delhi voters than the known ones!

    1. Any wise man before accusing other would like to check the history of the two instead of going by perception or rumor mongering. Many just have a believe that BJP was the party who started corruption in telecom; but studies and result shows NDA is the reason behind a mobile in almost every hand. Telecom in mid 90s and 2005-10 is completely different. NDA made tough decisions in telecom and also faced the accusation of corruption. There may be some exceptional cases of individual corruptions but there is no case of institutional corruption.

      AAP's rise is based on perceptions they were never able to prove on factual facts how come NDA rule of 98-2004 was as worse / corrupt as the rest 60 years rule; same they could not prove how BJP was corrupt or inefficient from 94-98 in Delhi as Congress. But they spread lies after lies and crated a perception that besides them everyone else is corrupt. They had the advantage that most of them do no have political background which can be challenged but no AAM Aadmi ever tried to check their professional credentials and achievements.

      This support which media says is from young India is for honesty but unfortunately the same media do not educate these young how NDA was better government than UPA 1 n 2 or how Delhi BJP from 94-98 was better than Congress 99-12.

      Arvind as an ousider submitted a report on water to planning commission (NAC) where in his conclusion was NO SUBSIDY and NO FREE is the solution but same Arvind as politician did the same miserable job what his fellow politicians do - find the link of the report

      Same AAP who has 370 page evidence against Sheila is now asking BJP to provide evidence to prosecute Sheila in CWG. AAP has deleted the page of corruption from their site. I am saying this to those said they deserve a chance; but before providing a chance did Delhi wallas weighted the pros n cons; did they ever thought they are going to play with life of one billion Delhities.

      This idea of no interest in politics and perception of all is corrupt will keep throwing people like Mulayam, Arvind, Mamta, Nitish, Lalu, Omar, Chiranjeev, Kiran, Maya who came as new and made a permanent blot on the choice of voters who risk their vote in the name of lets try something new.

    2. AAP has also abandoned VANDE MATARAM to please the muslims. However AAP cannot fool the people for long. Once they are exposed the support for Modi will be enormouse.

  20. If there is any question about rise of AAP.
    The answer is absence of opposition parties. There was no opposition in Delhi in last 15 years. There is no opposition in Gujarat since rise of Modi.
    Undoubted, Sheela government did lot of development work but became corrupt because of no control and no question.
    AAP provided opposition, check and balances on all real life problems but still others are talking about emotional issues.

    1. and now there is no opposition to aap as aap has refused to take action on the same oppostion they showed before election i.e. sheila dixit.

  21. Excellent article, AK is fraud and bogus entity created by All India Corrupt Congress to stop Modi Typhoon. But majority of INDIANS think like you PIYUSH and are aware of the dirty designs of Congress and this rouge called Kejriwal

  22. Another wicked blog Piyush...NAC posts were superb and this one again puts everything in a timeframe and in laymans terms. Great job!!

  23. AAP has given the common man Inspiration and Hope! People in Delhi are happy with the way things are unfolding with AAP Government in Power! According to your article if the hypothesis is to be treated as truth that kejriwal concoted this 10 year conspiracy to come to power that would only show that he is one of the most intelligent people in India even more intelligent than you! So I believe you might be still missing the point! :P

  24. The whole premise of this article seems to be set on AK's mental disturbance. I've never seen a mentally stable guy able to give a straight forward in your face perfectly shrewd, honest and balanced reply. His leave of absence from the job is a common phenomenon for civil servants or even in private sector. Since when was being rich & prosperous a crime?
    What I fail to understand is if everyone knew the nation is so angry why didn't BJP as a responsible opposition launch the same movement & campaign as IAC or AAP. What was preventing them from doing the same? Could they not grasp the nations anger or fail to realize what needs to be done?
    NDA did overall gave a good performant a government, there is no denial of that.
    But if media houses are for sale why did it not buy a lot of airtime to showcase the corruption issues?
    Why is that most of the debates on television they send in weak orators (apart from Lekhi) who are bad at attacking or defending.I failed to see any frontal attacks during debates.All they were doing is defending their wrong doings (mostly gujarat riots) .Why to even go to such debates?
    Why can’t BJP openly shake hands with AAP and make them a part of NDA. Give an open invitation to them to join hands with BJP to fight against corruption. If AAP is Congress stooges they will never join hands. Why not expose them completely to the nation? This is another opportunity for BJP to start the fight against corruption, what is the hindrance in projecting it so?

  25. "Kejriwal joined the Indian Revenue Service in 1995 after qualifying through the Civil Services Examination.[4] In 2000, he was granted two years' paid leave to pursue higher education on condition that upon resuming his work he would not resign from the Service for at least three years. Failure to abide by that condition would require him to repay the salary given during the leave period. He rejoined in 2003 and worked for 18 months before taking unpaid leave for 18 months.[5] In February 2006, he resigned from his position as a Joint Commissioner of Income Tax in New Delhi.[4] The Government of India claimed that Kejriwal had violated his original agreement by not working for three years. Kejriwal said that his 18 months of work and 18 months of unpaid absence amounted to the stipulated three year period during which he could not resign and that this was an attempt to malign him due to his involvement with Team Anna, a strand of the Indian anti-corruption movement. The dispute ran for several year until, in 2011, it was resolved when he paid his way out of the Service with the help of loans from friends."


    It has been legally & ethically sorted out where is the wrong doing that you are talking about ?

    1. As per Kejriwal's Election Affidavit, he's a crorepati with more than one home & investment in Land/Plots.

      He first refused to payback the salary by offering some stupid reasons like the one you mentioned. Then he begged the I-T Dept. that he should be exempted because whatever he did, he did in the "larger interest" of the Country.

      When nothing worked he said he "can't afford" to pay. He's a common man, and doesn't have those Rs.9 Lakh, he was expected to pay back.

      Totally dishonest, insincere and scheming. In spite of sitting over Crores of Rupees, he cited "insufficient funds" for which other honest & concerned Citizens were fooled to contribute. People pooled money to repay the money that Kejriwal owed I-T Dept. and had the wherewithal to pay for it.

      Kejriwal is a cheat.

    2. Hahahaha Piyush, I am not a AAP or BJP or Congress supporter........but I would like to remind you if Kejriwal is a cheat, what is Nitin Gadkari? Isnt there any BJP corrupt politicians.....why cant you write articles which you dont even have to research...........why dont you show them out to BJP high governance 7 remove those weeds? werent there crores of rupees looted in BJP rule? who are those traitors?

    3. Gadkari is corrupt?there is not even a chargesheet against him. Bhushan knew the courts would laugh at him if he filed a PIL.truth is there was no case.allegations cannot replace evidence.

  26. You have made your pro bjp stance very evident in your blog in my view so i wont buy any of it. I also like the timing of your blog. Good attempt at your Pro BJP anti AAP propaganda but i see it as a big FAIL.

  27. Very nicely written article - i figure you've worked really hard to write it - however there is one little problem with your writing. It screams out loud to be biased - almost "i-am-bought-by-a-party-for-millions-of-dollars"-biased. You've called people names in your article too and you lost me right there. Only if you'd written from a more objective standpoint, i would have wanted to read your posts in the future. But here with this post my friend, you've drawn a dead-end with this one reader of yours.

  28. I do not support AAP at all. I think there are just causing anarchy and chaos and are doing no good. And I personally feel that AK should remain a social activist and is incompetent as an administrator or government.
    Having said that, what I want to say is that all that is written in this article by Piyush is bull shit. Paid by BJP. Many people including IIT-ians are hired by NaMo and BJP to do this type of propaganda and brainwash for people. BJP is no better than AAP and Congress. And some of their people and activities are even worse than AAP and Congress.

    1. Abe AAP ke chamche, idhar se baagh le. We know who is Right or wrong.

  29. You have not mentioned about his NGO n Ford foundation funding nither about his magsasay award which again is funded by ford foundation...Still it was required and very nicely written..we need to circulate this beyond social media...

  30. AnonymousJanuary 7, 2014 at 6:08 PM

    When the ford foundation was formed, there was no CIA.
    CIA followed after 11 years.
    What is yr grouse on FF and WHY?

  31. AAP is bad. Is BJP all good?
    BJP said they will throw all the Goa Casinos in the river, and once they came to power, they let the betting continue.
    Laughing out loud.
    If AAP does some such, they ridicule it.

    1. Lol…which Political Party abused all other Political Parties saying they are all Corrupt & Same? Now, when we are exposing how AAP is behaving "no differently" from other Parties, you are adding to the debate by actually saying you are "no different" from other parties.

      So, if AAP doesn't have the wherewithal to be Different, to be the Change, is in fact worse than others as it has no idea on Governance, then why did you guys put on that Halo?

      Be honest at least now. Tell everyone that its easier talking about being better than everyone else, its easier abusing rest of the world with choicest abuses, but when it comes to doing it yourself, you cannot do it and have to hide behind non-performance of others.

  32. Rubbish.... I Guess BJP was B Party who was born in 1977...through JP... and Cong... Under Indira Gandhi....

  33. Delhi polls: BJP tops list of tainted candidates

    Read more at:

  34. Gujrat 14000 RTIs still pending. Why?

  35. Madhya Pradesh Assembly. 33% BJP candidates with criminal background.

    1. My dear friend, I am presuming that you are the Anonymous Person behind the last 4 Comments.

      Now, you clearly don't understand the difference between "having criminal cases" and being "convicted". And mind you, there is a world of difference between that. You possibly didn't realize this when you said BJP had a lot of people with Criminal Cases against them in Delhi, but your Leader, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, has 3 or 5 Criminal Cases against him as well.

      Don't give me incomplete figures in pending RTIs in Gujarat. I have dabbled long enough with Govt Data to know these childish tricks. Give me figures for how many have been Replied? How long they have been pending? What are the comparative figures in other States? And what reason has Gujarat Govt given for not replying.

      Your MP comment also deserves same answer as Delhi one. Criminal Charges against a person is not the issue. Conviction is the issue. On this the 10th July 2013 Judgment of Supreme Court is clear and if it was not for BJP, Congress was all set to pass the Ordinance to disallow disqualification from membership of house upon Conviction.

      And now that as per Law, Convicts will get disqualified from the House they Occupy, Criminality in Politics is a debate of a different kind. All Parties, including AAP, stand on same platform there.

    2. Arvind Kejriwal praises Harsh Vardhan, ignores Sheila Dikshit

      While In 2010, Dr Harsh Vardhan actually praised Mrs Dikshit and said Delhiites were very fortunate to have her as their CM.
      BJP tantamount to "Unche dukan ki fiki pakwan"

    3. Kejriwal praising Sonia Gandhi.

  36. This is mother of all the shit on BJP by Baba Ramdev.
    news.oneindia.inView OriginalJanuary 3rd, 2014
    He says "BJP is corrupt"

  37. NRIs are keeping pace with Kejriwal, as they do with Modi.
    But Modi does not have an American Visa, while Arvind Kejriwal has it.

  38. Sudden rise in farmer suicides due to debt, crop failure: Gujarat govt figures/
    What say Modi?

  39. Modi has said Gujarat is number one in attracting the FDI.
    Is it a fact? No.

  40. What did Bajpayee do to stop the Hajj subsidy?
    The matter is laid to rest in this Congress term.

  41. And now a Hindu Rakshak Sena vandalises AAP office, ill treats women. So much for BJP? During Delhi assembly the first day, it was BJP MLA who started a fight with JDU member. What a shame.

  42. Narendra Modi and Gujarat/BJP everything Hunky Dory?

    Only 10 days old party AAP is to be blamed?

  43. BJP's shouting it's lung out against AK is akin to INC's shouting lungs out against Modi! What happened everyone knows. The article is neither balanced nor an eye-opener if you are not supporting BJP already! BJP seems to be afraid of AK cutting it's vote, now if Modi is so strong why is BJP so bothered? India allows political outfits like AAP to contest election and BJP and some of it's supporter seems to be saying that AAP has no moral right to fight election! What a shame! Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee sould must be disturbed now watching his party snowballing into sycophants house akin to INC! BJP has been there for long, more the 6 decades now, and let's not talk about INC! None of these parties has been able to take the nation and democracy forward. On the contrary on a long term view they churned out into public life the deamons of democracy! Not saying AAP is the final answer but we need to experiment to find what is best and AAP is just a step towards that. Let's come out of these supporters concept and evaluate our politcians for what good they can do and not for what others are not doing or their pitfalls! Try proving more then what your icons shows you, be it Modi or AK! Have sense of balance.

  44. The writer here is biased towards the BJP and against the congress for which I have no problem. Congress is destined to the dustbin fo the history and it has albatross around its neck. But, my gally, he is unfairly coming against a 10 days old inexperienced party who has practically nothing as for as scams are concerned or otherwise. How can you abuse the party with just half a pages of history to speak of, just because it was born last year.

    1. Please read carefully! Do you understand what is mentioned ? Don't jump to pre-conceived notion. Be practical and precise

  45. Sir,someone asked you about 14,000 un-responded RTIs in Gujarat, and your response was that of a obfuscation. Counter questioning the messenger. Starting a straw-man arguments, if not digressing. Is this how you take the challenge in your own den? Creating the hurdles for your opponent for nothing? Why go for messenger and not a message?
    Seems like you have an axe to grind.

    1. Dear Anonymous,

      I believe you are more eager to raise issues with me than read what I have written to the person who question 14000 Pending RTIs.

      I have asked the person for not only additional information but also specific information.

      So, this whole bogey of "questioning the messenger" is one big humbug. Don't try these childish stunts here. People are more mature than your imagination.

      Asking for necessary & sufficient, specific information is not a hurdle. If he can quote some figure of 14000 Pending RTIs, so can he raise rest of the information. I have not sent the person on wild goose chase, but in a specific direction.

  46. Modi is the most dangerous guy for BJP as well as the nation.Replace him with Parrikar.Modi has been single handedly destroying BJP's image & party members since 2000.He is the real reason for fall of NDA.
    He is still doing the same thing
    He humiliated a long term BJP cadre Sanjay Joshi .

    He has been raising muck about Gadkari,Advani & every other BJP leader to make place for himself.

    He has deployed Amit Shah in UP to further create riots the way he had orchestrated the same in GUjarat or the Gujarat model in UP

    By tamashas like attacking AAP party & its supporters he is successfully alienating all intellectuals who would have supported BJP. His dirty politics has ruined BJP & continue to do so after 2014 NDA would disappear.

    Its time BJP & its leadership realises their mistake & join hands with AAP and change there crappy communal model of politics to developmental politics.By opposing AAP vehemently they are looking more anti developmental & pro corruption than Congress.

    1. You are an AapTard!!!

    2. Instead of mud slinging prove me wrong for whatever things i've explained.
      This pathetic mentality of yours to not understand what people want i.e 2 forces join hands to defeat the biggest threat to our nation will lead to BJP losing this election again and sit in the opposition.
      You reply clearly shows why BJP will lose badly and why Modi will instigate another riot!If UPA-3 comes back to power BJP should be ready to take the blame!

  47. @Anonymous - Be brave and identify your self...... your comment more look like Anti-Modi and Anti BJP......

  48. Thanks for bringing a new thinking..let us all put pressure on Kejrival through social media to expose Congress and Shiela dixith corruption as he promised....if he does then..we will believe...

    1. He just started the proceedings on CWG in which Shehzada is involved too. Good step.

  49. The hope for an alternative gathers steam. Mr Kejriwal may or may not justify the hype, but some others like him will certainly come. In the days ahead, let us resolve to be part of such groupings & let us please dump the bankrupt mainstream parties, left, right & centre.

    1. Kejri is not corrupt? By being cong stooge, he has become corrupt apart from the fact "why did he & his wife never got transfered out of delhi/ncr zone as govt servants?". Prashant bhushan is involved in Himachal land scam. Mayank Gandhi in mumbai & Anjali damania, too, are involved in land/property scams. K.vishwas, shazia caught on tape accepting money. If people don't see thru this then they are hopeless fools .

  50. On numbers (14,000) you started with "who, what, when, which" types. RTIs are meant to be replied to. If that is that, why ask such questions and be deceptive? This way you created hoops for a poster to go through.
    That was cunning from you, and people can see through this.

    1. Now you are talking utter rubbish. Pls try these silly arguments with Children.

      Here's the details I have asked on 14000 Pending RTIs:

      1. Give me figures for how many have been Replied?
      2. How long they have been pending?
      3. What are the comparative figures in other States?
      4. And what reason has Gujarat Govt given for not replying.

  51. Even the text on Kejriwal photo is mischievous, full of contempt and flimsy. This man is looking for a job in Modi admin down the road.

  52. I am shocked to see that AAPtards can't see through Kejriwal's fraud of bonhomie with corrupt congress. Are Indian so gullible or are Indians fools? Well, if Indians can't differentiate between rhetorics/lies & actual performance on ground, then they deserve all ills they get.

  53. To all AAPtards,
    Kejriwal/AAP fighting corruption with the support of Congress is like pakistan fighting terror with the help of Taliban.

  54. With the number of media ppl joining it AAP can be called All Anchors' Party

  55. first of all.... congratulation for very nice and knowledge full artical. But i m not 100% agree with it.what you have presented the fact and figures about aap and his team, i m agree with them.
    but i have some questions-specially not for you ...for everyone..
    i m writing my question in HINDI.
    1 ) hamare paas options kya h ? hamhe choose uni party me se karna hota h ya to congress ya to BJP....ab chaahe isse hum log isko goodluck mane yaa bad luck.HR koi mauka parsat hota..h...hum log sabhi congress se thak chuke bat ko ap bhi agree karenge.....
    2) ager koi jagaana(aware) chahta isme burai kya h?
    hamare desh 90% se jayeda youth ko RTI ya LOKPAL ke Bare me nhi pta tha ,aj se 3 saal pahle..hum log sirf yahi sunte the ki RTI activisit ka murder ker diya lakin aj hum log aware h....
    mana ki they r freshers in POLITICS....but give them Chance to proof themself.

  56. Congress-B team finally revealed!
    BJP is the actual Congress-B Team!

    BJP supporters are retards to follow a party like BJP which has always taken all Hindus for a ride for long time! Remember Ram Mandir? I think it will build a "idiot" baba mandir in Gujarat and give free darshans to all its members!