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NAC - National Anarchists' Committee - Part 1

You might be thinking that NAC stands for the National Advisory Committee. What you don’t know is that you are so wrong. NAC is actually National Anarchists’ Committee. And I am not exaggerating one bit. I guess time has come to discuss this body in a little detail. I would have loved to discuss in greater detail, but I believe I will have to do that some other day. The story, or rather this conspiracy, needs a voluminous book to explain in detail what is going about, but today, let us understand the problem we face in brief.

NAC is primarily a body meant to fulfill personal ambitions of a woman who went on to become an Indian Prime Minister’s wife, from being a simple Italian immigrant waitress in London back in 60s. There is nothing wrong in a person with a humble background growing up in life, in fact, we should look at that with a sense of altruism. The problem is with her own political ambitions, that she may not be tuned to do justice to.

Sonia Gandhi being an Italian, and never having mingled with the Indian People doesn’t adequately understand the needs of Indians. She has viewed India and Indians from the Window of her plush homes in Lutyen’s Delhi, which is less than 10% of what India might be. Problem is, this is such a huge handicap and will remain a handicap not only for her, but on an average, for almost any foreign origin Indian, that Political Participation in Democratic traditions may not get due justice.

It is not to say that our own wholly Indian Politicians have done any better. But that shortcoming need not necessitate inclusion of Foreigner-origin Indians into Indian Democratic Politics. Their participation cannot improve the rest of the politics. Nor are Foreign-origin Indians in India in such numbers that it requires a political representation from such a “community”, if could be called so.

But lets get back to Sonia Gandhi & her journey to NAC.

Sonia Gandhi – the Ambitious Foreign-origin Indian

Sonia comes from a very conservative family from Orbassano, Italy. Her father was a Fascist, a diehard supporter of Mussolini, till his death. Naturally, Sonia Gandhi may have been brought up in a Fascist Tradition, when she may have been known as Antonia Maino.

Whether she subscribed to such Fascist tradition or detested it is something we shall never know. But for that matter, how much do we really know about Sonia Gandhi? We don’t even know her Income Tax Returns

Her journey & romance with India’s Power Centre begins in 1965. It is said that she was a waitress in a Greek Restaurant in England, which was frequented by Rajiv Gandhi, who fell in love with her. Rajiv met her parents in 1966, in her hometown/village Orbassano. In the end of 1967, Sonia is officially invited by Indira Gandhi to visit India. On Feb 25th, 1968, Sonia Gandhi gets married to Rajiv Gandhi. She doesn’t become an Indian Citizen, however, till 30th April 1983.

Then in late 1969, Sonia Gandhi, in spite of being a Foreigner and against the prevailing Laws in India, becomes a 50% Shareholder & Managing Director of a Company launched by Sanjay Gandhi, Maruti Technical Services Private Ltd. This company, along with Maruti Ltd (which received License to manufacture a 100% Indigenous Car) and Maruti Heavy Vehicles Pvt Ltd., where again Sonia was a shareholder, were embroiled in what was understood in 1978 as Maruti Scandal.

So, not only was Sonia Gandhi a shareholder & Managing Director of two companies in India, in complete contravention of Indian Laws, but also she was part of operations that were completely scandalous. Maruti Ltd received License to Manufacture a 100% Indigenous Car in a totally scandalous manner, especially when neither Maruti Ltd not Maruti Technical Services Private Ltd. had any know-how on this subject. As a matter of fact, Maruti Ltd used an NSU (Volkswagen’s) Engine in its car, to which Govt turned a blind eye, because the promoters were son and daughter-in-law of the then PM, Indira Gandhi.

Maruti Heavy Vehicles Private Ltd. on its part, had road-rollers, bulldozers etc. which all ran on Govt Contracts and it is not difficult to see how they received those contracts, in the first place.

In 1977, a one man Commission of Enquiry into the Maruti Scandal was held by A C Gupta. The Report was submitted in 1978 and Sonia Gandhi was indicted on charges of FERA Violations. This is the story in short.

Then, when Indira Gandhi came back to power in 1980, she threw A C Gupta Commission Report as well as Shah Commission Report into the dustbin.

Not only that, Sonia Gandhi’s name was found in Delhi Voter List in 1980. This too was a big scandal and completely against the Law, as Sonia Gandhi was not an Indian Citizen. Section of Journalists with Spinal Chord, seemingly made it an issue in 1982. Unfortunately, there was no way of proving that Sonia Gandhi had voted in the 1980 Elections. The family called it an inadvertent mistake and got away without a scratch. Within a year, Sonia Gandhi was “forced” to apply for Indian Citizenship. There are complications cited even around this by certain people, but lets leave that for another debate.

Conclusion upto 1980 – Sonia Gandhi is a Fearless Law-Breaker

In these two instances, you will find that Sonia Gandhi had no fear of Indian Law. Partly due to her being daughter-in-law of Indian Prime Minister, she seemed to be breaking Indian Laws of some serious nature with complete impunity.

The Story Moves on…

Soon thereafter, Sanjay Gandhi died mysteriously. A few years later, India Gandhi died of blood loss due to injuries sustained from shooting by Sikh Guards, angered by defiling of Golden Temple during Operation Blue Star. The details of Justice Thakkar Commission Report remain in the hands of a few privileged people and now it seems, Thakkar Commission Report is considered discredited.

Anway, since Rajiv Gandhi became the Prime Minister in 1984, Sonia Gandhi was almost always seen with him, as is “custom”? Over the years, we find that Sonia Gandhi’s participation in Congress was of fund collection. A video from CBS News, show at 2:09 seconds onwards, a well-trained Sonia Gandhi accepting a cheque so swiftly from the actor of the yesteryears, Rajesh Khanna, that you may have to replay the video a few times to get a complete sense of what just happened. Within a second, Khanna’s cheque finds its place in a fairly thick bunch of cheques already in Sonia Gandhi’s hands. As a matter of fact, it seems this was an expected gesture. Rajiv Gandhi’s eyes are glued to the cheque as it passes on from Rajesh Khanna to Sonia Gandhi, and only once it has reached Sonia does Rajiv hug Rajesh Khanna. All within a fraction of a Second.

After 1991, when Rajiv Gandhi was sadly assassinated, Sonia Gandhi seemingly withdrew from Politics. But the animosity she & the entire Congress Party under her, has shown for former Prime Minister P V Narasimha Rao, it seems Rao stepped on her shoe. As a matter of fact, it seems other senior & more experienced Leaders of Congress would have preferred to see Sonia Gandhi go the Jackie Onassis way. However, after the ouster of the Congress Govt in 1996, and once the Justice M C Jain Commission Report on Rajiv Gandhi Assassination was more or less done, blaming Tamilnadu Politicians & LTTE for their role, Sonia Gandhi started to come out.

She joined Congress formally in August 1997, and in January 1998 became Campaign Chief for 1998 General Elections. So, that’s within just 4 months of taking up Primary membership of the Party, Sonia Gandhi took charge of Campaign Committee. And you all know about the hoo-haa that went on when Narendra Modi took charge of Campaign Committee.

After General Election and in spite of Congress losing elections, in March 1998, out of unexplainable compulsion, Sitaram Kesri was unceremoniously replaced by Sonia Gandhi as Party President. That means, within 6 months of taking Primary Membership of Congress, Sonia Gandhi went on to become President of Congress Party.

That Congress Party members wanted to make her President of their party is an acceptable claim, but that Sonia Gandhi was eager to occupy that position, even after seeing the unceremonious manner in which he predecessor Sitaram Kesri was thrown out, is what explains the “hunger for power” in Sonia Gandhi.

Then after taking charge of the Party Organization, Sonia Gandhi didn’t stop there. She continued. She fought the 1999 General Election, became MP & Leader of Opposition. In such a scenario, can we really say that Sonia Gandhi was acting in the manner of a Sacrifice? Does she seem content with whatever she has been given?

Then in 2004, the famous drama unfolded. Due to her Foreign Origin, most political parties refused to endorse her as the PM. They were ready to support but not endorse her as the PM. None issued a letter of support in Congress’ favor till Sonia Gandhi announced her stepping down from the claim to Prime Minister’s position.

Politicians may have averted the situation of having an Indian of Foreign-Origin becoming a PM. But did they really succeed in stopping Sonia Gandhi for possessing the Power? Did Sonia Gandhi manage to circumvent the entire system and manage to grab the power that should rightfully be held only & only by India’s Prime Minister?

Answer is Yes.

On 31st May 2004, roughly within 10 days of Manmohan Singh taking oath of Prime Minister’s Office, through a Cabinet Secretariat Order, they set-up a controversial, extra-constitutional, parallel power centre – NAC – The National Advisory Council.

In the next post, we will take a look at National Advisory Council, Sonia Gandhi’s seat of unbounded, unaccountable & often, invisible power.


  1. So well written. .simply put..shall await ur next post

  2. So well written. .simply put..shall await ur next post

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  4. Need of the hour! ...can't wait for the the next part!

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  9. Was waiting for this eagerly....and more eager for next post....great writeup!!!

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