Saturday, August 25, 2012

Now, they stole my Voice…

Well, almost. Shameful as I feel, that in a country that boasts of being the largest democracy in the world, with a voluminous constitution complete with a list Fundamental Rights, the most beloved of which is the Right to Freedom of Speech & Expression, in a country who’s National Disease seems to be talking, an elected Government chose to steal my voice.

But this time, the thief was caught. As the sun went down, the theft began. It was caught red-handed, like the proverbial “with its pants down”. The sounds of Chor-chor, scared this thief away, the thief ran, ran for its life, faster than Usain Bolt, by the time the Sun rose again.

This was between 22nd August 2012 night to 23rd August 2012 morning. And for those, who are statistically sharp, yes, this was within a week of 65th Independence Day of India…

While we saved our voice from being stolen, I wondered why did this happen. Why did they try to steal “my precious”?

Events, as they unfolded…

Between July 6, 2012 & July 25, 2012, there was a lot of violence between Bodos & Bagladeshi illegal migrants, in Kokrajhar, Dhubri & Chirang districts of Assam. Governments inaction, both State as well as Central, was annoying, visible and came under heavy criticism. Close to 5 Lakh internally displaced people (IDPs) are said to be living in 278 Relief Camps in Kokrajhar, Dhubri , Chirang & Bongaigaon. In one stroke, IDPs in India, went up from a figure of 5,06,000 to 1 million. India now has 1 Million IDPs, with 2,50,00 or so Kashmiris displaced by Militants, 2,50,000 or so tribals & villagers displaced by Maoist Activities & now, 1,50,000 Bodos displaced by Bangladeshi Illegal Immigrants & 3,50,000 Stateless, Illegal, Bangladeshi migrants about whom Indian Govt has no clarity.

It is a fact that Assam Riots between Indians & Bangadeshis of July 2012, went largely unreported in the Press. But, for the very active & feverish discussion and placing of facts & figures on Twitter & other social media, Indians would never have known what their brothers in Assam, within India’s very own boundaries, were going through. People on social media were straightforward in their Reporting. They said it, like it was happening on ground. They said Bangladeshi, when they had to say Bangladeshi, a word mainstream media avoids referring to to sing along with petty politicians who can only maintain power by adding voters artificially, who’s very well-being in India will be dependent on them for a short term.

August 8, 2012, while BJP Leader Shri. L K Advani highlighted the whole matter, Congress President from Italy, Smt. Sonia Gandhi was seen gesticulating to her MPs to somehow create a ruckus and drown the voice of Truth about Assam. Loyal pets were soon barking all around. A seasoned speaker, Mr. Advani allowed them to tire out, rose again & finished his speech.

By evening, a lone MP from a party, which is in existence since 1927, raised an Army to fight Indian Army so that Nizam could merge Hyderabad State with Pakistan, was banned till 1957, after Hyderabad integrated with India in 1948, stood up to speak. He started with a clear underlying judgment that these were not Bangladeshi Illegal Immigrants, but Muslims from India. He spoke by the Book. First painted a picture of Victimhood, then demanded more money for relief, declared the riots to be “internal power struggle”, demanded dissolution of BTC as well as recognition of these Bangladeshis as legal Indian citizens, went on for a while and then threatened India, the Central Govt, the Members of Parliament, in the name of a Warning, a Warning of the 3rd Wave of Radicalization. Everyone heard. Everyone peed. Peed in their pants. Fear of violence began gripping the nation. MPs took the speech in their stride.

By August 11, 2012, Raza Academy called a large assembly of Muslims in the name of Protest against “treatment to Muslims in Assam & to Rohingyas in Burma”. Some say 10,000-15,000 people assembled, some say almost 50,000 muslims were present. After most of them had assembled, while speeches and stuff went on, they rioted. Police was beaten. Yes, you heard it right. 90% of injured were Policemen. And when Police started detaining rioters, Commissioner of Police, possibly under strict instruction from Chief Minister & Home Minister of Maharashtra, shouted down the concerned DCP and let the rioter go. In the meanwhile, the fear amongst the public was growing. A riot was threatened on 8th August, a riot was delivered on 11th August. Nobody understood or could logically understand the reason for Riots. The fools were burning their own country down for Foreigners, for Bangladeshis & Burmese. But then Khilafat movement gave enough history for expectation of such a situation and thought process. If Police itself was beaten up, where did common public stand. Neither State Govt. nor Central Govt appeared to be taking tough stand to maintain peace. Everyone looked bent on their knees. Afterall, it was Ramzan time.

By August 16, 2012, the anti-social elements, got strength. In the month of Ramzan, threats were getting issued to people of North-east in many parts of India, especially starting with Banglaore. Or let us rephrase that to “Rumors of threats” were passed to people from North-east India in various parts of India, beginning with those living in Bangalore. Trains were pre-booked. I mean, they were booked before the threat or the rumor was issued. Central Govt that controls railway, was all set to take these people back to North-East. As a precaution, Prime Minister & Home Minister spoke to Chief Minister of Karnataka. Then they let the whole world know that a “rumor of threat” had been issued to the people of North-East, living in Bangalore. Naturally, it added fuel to fire. Now, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai & Mumbai – all had people of North-East flocking to nearest Railway Station to go home. RSS workers reached stations, tried to convince people to stay back. But worried parents & relatives back home in North-East, along with gripping fear in minds of people, especially with events since July 2012, complete inaction from State or Central Govt in Assam as well as Mumbai, were way too strong for anyone to stay back. Close to 25,000 or so people from North-East are said to have left Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai & Mumbai.

Matter was further politicized. Congress led Central Govt started warning about Rumors & Hate Mongering. Suddenly, the famous Pakistan & ISI came into picture, and it was revealed that no Rohingyas were massacred in Burma, the images circulated were of the Earthquake that occurred in 2011, where Buddhist Monks were engaged in Relief work. Govt warned, and rightly so, that hate & rumor mongering should stop. But then it played foul, out of the blue, it included Social Media in its rants. Yes, Government of India got down to rants and like a powerless man on the streets, started warning social media on a daily basis. Many of us remembered the old Indian saying, “Gehun ke saath ghun bhi pis raha hai”. This went on. We saw no real, on-ground effect till then.

On August 22, 2012, evening, a tweet came saying three people’s account had been ordered to be blocked by Govt. of India. One was a known, controversial, aggressive but Nationalist activist, other two, surprisingly were journalists. There was a buzz. Less than 10-15 minutes later another person put another alarming tweet that Government of India has done us in. Cryptic as it sounded, I called the tweeple on the phone. I was told 16 tweeple had been identified by “IB” and the Ministry of Home Affairs will block these accounts soon. As soon as I heard the 16 names, I knew this was not adding up. I knew most of them. I knew what content they tweeted, what language they tweeted, with whom they usually locked horns. I asked the tweeple to publish the names.

As per agreement, all the 16 names were tweeted. The tweeple was either too scared, not knowing what Govt will do with people who’s accounts are being blocked, the tweets with the names were gone in less than few minutes. The account disappeared.

Half an hour later, Twitter was abuzz with the news of Blocking & those 16 accounts being inaccessible from certain ISPs. There was immediate outrage. The Govt was daring to take away our right to speak, our right to ridicule, our right to discuss what we think is right for the nation we love & wish to serve. On one side was verification exercise to know how far the Govt of India had managed to execute their order to Block these tweeple, on the other was the outrage, the anger that didn’t know where to flow, where to explode.

Some tweeple went silently Black. Some of us screamed, Go Black! One after the other, the DPs on the accounts went Black. Along came the calls for #Emergency2012 & #GoIBlocks. By 2.30am, #Emergency2012 was trending at no.2.

Since other ISPs had not yet blocked those accounts, the situation was that of seeing an injured friend, expected to die due to the blow the Govt has given, hours are passing yet death is nowhere. Solidarity was growing. The hurt was increasing. People screamed at the inability of the Govt of India to even execute its own Block Order, properly & effectively. 8yrs of failure to do something good for the Nation was now showing in failure to do even the bad for the Nation.

In the morning, the screaming on the Social Media was unbearable. There was no silence after the death. There was mayhem of an accident. While a huge no. of DPs had gone Black, #Emergency 2012 & #GoIBlocks were top trends. World knew what was going on. International media also knew what was happening.

By 10am or so, the accounts blocked by few ISPs were visible even on those ISPs. Govt issued denial. They denied ever having even thought of curtailing free speech on Social Media. But tweeple are a resourceful bunch. The 4 letters sent by Ministry of Communication & IT, signed by Subodh Saxena, Director DS-II, were available with most of us. Govt was telling white lies. Govt was ashamed, shamelessly.

On 24th August 2012, Narendra Modi, the most successful & illustrious Chief Minister in India, and, choice of majority of Tweeple for next PM of India, joined the Public campaign. With the lines “…sabko sanmati de bhagwan”, the DP of @narendramodi went Black. More people went Black seeing the best Administrator of India, joining people’s protest.

The chapter is not closed, there’s more expected.

Reflections - But Why?

Tweeple are reflective people. It may be in different degrees for each, but they do reflect.

It was clear from the word go, that Govt. was only cooperating with some people in the media. Out of 16 tweeple, I would say, almost 12-13 have countered & exposed newsmedia, its editors, journalists & owners for the failure to perform their duty properly. Media has been accused of bias, under-reporting, slow-reporting, never-reporting and what not. Radia tapes exposure has revealed too much for journalists to live peacefully or to be trusted by a common man. They are agents of the very people they were supposed to track, screen, expose and make accountable on behalf of the people of the country.

While I know of 5-6 people who engage mediapersons daily on current issues, at least one person maintains a Blog that chronicles the shameful deeds of mediapersons. None of these people is a hate monger. Since they only speak facts and that is the very basis of their counter arguments with the mediapersons, the chance of rumor-mongering is nil.

Then, chance of them figuring in IBs list of security threats is also nil. These people could only be a threat to Newsmedia that has stopped serving the interest of the very people who’s Fundamental Right of Speech & Expression has been extended to protect their very existence.

A day later, of course, the thinking was even more profound. A new online media was launched on 15th August 2012. Since mainstream media was failing the common man miserably, Niti Central was welcomed by all. It was becoming apparent that jealous and insecure mediapersons, along with insecure Congressmen colluded and using the general atmosphere of internal insecurity, propaganda, rumor & hate mongering, decided to use fictitious and rather vague descriptions like “incendiary” content, to block these tweeple.

Another aspect that came to notice is that Social Media was now busy discussing Emergency2012, rather than Rs.1.8 Lakh Cr Coal Scam, Rs. 2.5 Lakh cr Public Distribution Scam, Rs.70 Thousand cr CWG Scam, Rs. 1.76 Lakh cr 2G Scam, Rs. 2 Lakh Cr S-Band Scam, K-G Basin Scam, Rs. 29 Thousand cr ADAG Power Scam, Adarsh Scam, Sugar Scam, Rice Scam, Land Scams of Pawan Kumar Bansal & Jayanti Natrajan in Chandigarh & Tamilnadu, Food-grain rotting Scam worth 50,000tonnes or so Annually, $1.3bn Blackmoney in Swiss Banks, Bangladeshi Illegal Immigrants in Assam & rest of India, increasing militancy, the weakening link with Jammu & Kashmir, under-performing intelligence, ill-prepared Indian Armed Forces, unfinished National Highways, poor irrigation & agricultural performance, opulent & vulgar expenses by former President, ever rising inflation, ever-falling value of Indian Rupee, worsening geo-political situation, the weakening relations with International Community, the possible interference of foreign powers in India’s internal affairs, repeated, continuous & blatant contempt of Supreme Court orders, the attack on India’s federal structure, the effort to maim the legislature & judiciary, the list of failures goes on.

More than Rs.20 Lakh cr is alleged to have been robbed by this Govt through the scams listed above, between 2004-2012. And even this is an indicative list of scams that have surfaced, a lot more remains underneath their thick skin.

The most profound idea – They were stealing our Voice

After a lot of thinking, it struck that this Govt has left nothing untouched. They have stolen everything, robbed everything, from Land, to Coal, to Oil, to Power, to Airwaves, to Food, to Games, to Houses…this Govt is now addicted to stealing. It is unsatisfied with whatever it has already stolen, it wants to go on stealing, it wants to steal what none can think of, it tried to steal the Voice of the Common Man.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Asaduddin Owaisi - Khilafat 2.0

On 8th August 2012, India was shocked by the utterances made by one of its members in the Lok Sabha. A warning that looked more like a threat, of radicalization & terrorism, in Muslim Youth in the country. Apart from the regular hullabaloo inside the Parliament, not much was done to avoid or censor this nationally shameful speech. While under Privileges of an MP, this member couldn’t be taken to Court by the citizens, the other members of Parliament simply took this threat & language in their stride, moved on, forgot about this incident and created a bad precedent, which will be very unhealthy in near future of India.

Meet Asaduddin Owaisi, Member of “Indian” Loksabha

A short introduction to Asaduddin Owaisi is necessary.

He is a 2nd term member of Parliament from Hyderabad. He is also the President of the party he represents – All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM).

AIMIM was known as MIM in the past and was responsible for raising Razakar Army, to fight Indian Army, so that the then Hyderabad State of Nizam could be merged with Pakistan. After integration of Hyderabad with India, MIM was banned till 1957. After 1957, MIM’s charge was taken over by Owaisi Family and MIM was altered to AIMIM, to assure the nation that they will remain committed to India. How much they remain committed is already out in open.

Asaduddin’s grandfather, Maulana Abdul Wahid Owaisi took charge of MIM to ensure political representation of Hyderabadi Muslims. Later, Asaduddin’s father, Sultan Salahuddin Owaisi, also known as Salar-e-Millat, meaning – Commander of the Community, took charge of MIM. The title ofcourse makes you wonder if this was some sort of an Army they were referring to. Salahuddin Owaisi remained Member of Indian Parliament from 1984 to 2004.

Anyway, back to Asaduddin. He tookover from his father and became member of Indian Parliament in 2004 and again in 2009.

From 2006-07 and again since August 2009, Asaduddin Owaisi is a member of Parliamentary Standing Committee on Defence.

Since October 2009, he is also a member of Ethics Committee.

In short you have a man here, who’s family took charge of a party charged with Treason till 1957, whose father was Member of Indian Parliament for 6 consecutive terms, who has himself been a member of Indian Parliament for 2 Loksabha terms, was a Member of Andhra Pradesh Assembly for 2 consecutive terms, who has a brother who is member of Andhra Pradesh Assembly for 3 consecutive terms.

With this background, you’d expect a Man who has “firstly” respect for India’s Territorial integrity, doesn’t show a soft corner for illegal intruders from across the borders based on similarity of religious identity, respects Indian Constitution, knows how a Member of Parliament should behave.

Of course, such expectations are rarely met. While Rahul Gandhi is the best example of these expectations not getting met, in the current case, Asaduddin Owaisi fails us.

While his antecedents can be obtained from dear Google, here we will discuss his 8th August 2012 speech inside Loksabha.

The Speech

No, we are not reproducing the entire speech here. But those who have interest in reading his entire speech, they can access it here:

We will only put the key points Asaduddin made in his speech and analyze every point in as much detail as time permits, because that speech smacked of an Islamic Separatist Movement (ISM).

Owaisi said,

1. All 5 Lakh Displaced persons in over 200 Relief Camps are non-Bodos, majority of whom are Muslims.
2. The relief camps are overcrowded, have bad facilities, warns Govt about imminent death of “waves of children” in coming days
3. The Relief Fund announced by the Prime Minister amounting to Rs.300cr is too less, and that it should be increased to Rs.2000cr.
4. That the clash between Bodos & Bangladeshi illegal migrants is, in Owaisi’s considered opinion, “an internal power struggle”.
5. Disallowing of settlement of Bangladeshi illegal immigrants by Bodos in their Territory, is challenged. Wants dissolution of BTC, wants Memorandum of Settlement on BTC scrapped or else wants territories with less than 50% population of Bodos, excluded from BTC jurisdiction.
6. Militant organizations like DNDSC have semi-automatic weapons which must be seized by the State Govt.
7. Objected to the article of Shri. Harishankar Brahma, Election Commissioner, on Bangladeshi Illegal Migrants & Doubtful Voters in Assam, written in Indian Express on 28th July 2012.
8. Warned Central Government & Members of Parliament that if Bangladeshi Illegal Migrants are not rehabilitated, India will face 3rd Wave of Radicalization amongst Muslim Youths
9. Pointed out that IMDT Act, 1983 should have been applied to whole of India and not just Assam
10. Challenged the country to prove that Bangladeshi Illegal Migrants are indeed Bangladeshi Illegal Migrants
11. Questioned where the Bangladeshi Hindus were gone. While Muslim population of Bangladesh rose from 3cr to 13 cr, why has Hindu population halved to 1.5cr. Implying that those immigrating illegally from Assam were Bangladeshi Hindus & not Muslims.

Now each of this point needs to be understood properly, to know what our esteemed Member of Parliament was trying to say.

1. All 5 Lakh Displaced persons in over 200 Relief Camps are non-Bodos, majority of whom are Muslims.

Mr. Owaisi is either unaware of facts, or is exaggerating facts. Here are the facts, as sourced by a Magazine from Govt of Assam.

a. No. of Relief Camps – 278
b. No. of Bodo Relief Camps – 76
c. No. of Muslims Relief Camps – 200
d. No. of Relief Camps of other Communities – 2
e. No. of Displaced People in Camps – 4,46,110
f. No. of Bodos in Relief Camps – 1,29,712
g. No. of Muslims in Relief Camps – 3,15,876
h. No. of non-Bodo, Non-Muslims - 522
i. No. of districts in which Camps made – 4. Kokrajhar, Chirang, Dhubri, Bongaigaon

This data is valid till August 9, 2012

2. The relief camps are overcrowded, have bad facilities, warns Govt about imminent death of “waves of children” in coming days

Out of 278 Relief Camps, 200 are occupied by Muslims. That is roughly around 1579 Muslim persons in each camp. Bodos have 76 Camps with 1706 people in each camp.

While size of each camp may differ, more or less, Muslim refugees have not been given anything less than the Bodos. Density is higher for Bodo Camps.

3. The Relief Fund announced by the Prime Minister amounting to Rs.300cr is too less, and that it should be increased to Rs.2000cr.

This demand must be viewed cautiously. If you see, while building his argument, Mr. Owaisi has first painted the exaggerated picture of victimization, then, he demands more money using those ground.

Most people know or believe that these are Bangladeshi Muslims not Indian/Assamese. They have illegally infiltrated and Congress hides the fact for its own petty votebank politics. India’s relations with Bangladesh are nothing worth mentioning about or even getting warmed up to. This is a fact, in spite of the fact that it is with India’s help that Bangla population of erstwhile East Pakistan could gain independence from its distant brother Pakistan and the exploitation & ridicule at the hands of Punjabi dominated Pakistani Government.

Those who know the history of Assam, especially with respect to creation of Pakistan, demands & designs of Muslim League, one would also be aware of the contemporary Greater Bangladesh doctrine.

In this light, demand for excessive allocation of funds rings alarm bells. There are various cases that have come to light on how Jehad, Terror or Separatist Movements get funded. And without getting into too much details, prudence is the best policy.

Wikileaks had recently revealed that part funding of 26/11 (of 2008) terror attack in Mumbai was done using cash meant for Haj pilgrims. Government of India spends over Rs.600cr annually on Haj.

For those who want to read the news first hand, they can access it here:

In July 2012, a Times of India report revealed, that during investigation of 13/7 (of 2011) multiple blast terror attacks in Mumbai, Police came to understand that terror is also funded by Islamic terror outfits by posing as Riot Victims. The size of funds raised through this tactic is not available, but when someone demands raise of Rs.300cr relief fund to Rs.2000cr, raising of eye brows is only Natural.

For those who want to read the news first hand, they can access it here:

On August 19, 2012, it was revealed that Syed Salahuddin of Hizb-ul-Mujahideen was channeling money into Jammu & Kashmir terror & separatist movement using a Charitable organization by the name of Jammu & Kashmir Affectees Relief Fund Trust. Over Rs.100cr had been funneled into the Valley by the time security agencies uncovered this route.

For those who want to read the news first hand, they can access it here:

Even in case of terror attacks abroad, in August 2006, Daily Times (Pakistani Newspaper) revealed that UK Plane Bombing was funded by Earthquake Relief Fund. Private organization set abroad, sent funds to extremist organization in the name of Relief Charity…

For those who want to read the news first hand, they can access it here:\08\12\story_12-8-2006_pg1_1

Not only should Govt be cautious about how funds in Bangladeshi Illegal Immigrants infested area of Assam get utilized, it should be even more watchful of private organizations sending Charity Funds for Relief Work.

4. That the clash between Bodos & Bangladeshi illegal migrants is, in Owaisi’s considered opinion, “an internal power struggle”.

This is of course to give the impression that Muslims in this part of Assam are Indian and that indigenous Bodos are indulging in “genocide”. Mr. Owaisi either is unaware or is painting a false picture. Govt may be ignoring the facts on the ground, but all the politics over Foreigners Act 1946 & creation of IMDT Act 1983, and its repeal by Supreme Court in July 2005, give a clear indication that these are Bangladeshi Immigrants.

The November 1998 Report on Illegal Migration in Assam, submitted by Lt. Gen. S K Sinha to President of India is a testimony to the actual gravity of the situation as well as loopholes that are preventing Indian Administration from deporting these known Bangladeshi immigrants.

For those who wish to read the report first hand, they can access it here:

In May 1997, the then Home Minister of India, Indrajit Gupta revealed that there were over 10 million illegal Bangladeshi immigrants in India or which 3 million were living in Assam itself.

Even though Hiteshwar Saikia backtracked under pressure, in April 1992, he accepted there were over 3 million Bangladeshis living illegally in Assam.

And Mr. Owaisi should know this clearly, that no alien can engage in Power Struggle with India’s indigenous people without such a struggle being declared a War. There simply can be no acceptance for such a Power Struggle.

5. Disallowing of settlement of Bangladeshi illegal immigrants by Bodos in their Territory, is challenged. Wants dissolution of BTC, wants Memorandum of Settlement on BTC scrapped or else wants territories with less than 50% population of Bodos, excluded from BTC jurisdiction.

This is the most dangerous part of Mr. Owaisi’s speech. Note carefully what he’s saying.

Mr. Owaisi is questioning a the decision of the BTC which is not even random in case of illegal immigrants. He wants to bundle all of the Bangladeshi Immigrants under tenants and Labourer category and offer them protection from being expelled out of India.

The Govt of India brought certain amount of peace to Assam without creating a separate Bodoland, by making certain assurances to the Bodos, with the Govt of Assam as a confirming party. Formation of Bodoland Territorial Council was a key promise, that too as a body with Legislative powers over a territory identified in the Memorandum of Settlement for Bodoland Territorial Council. Mr. Owaisi is instigating the Govt to go back on its words to it people, only so that Mr. Owaisi can have illegal Bangladeshis settled in India.

Next, Mr. Owaisi does the unthinkable. He makes reference to Demographic Dominance. The continued illegal immigration of Bangladeshi Muslim has made Muslim population a dominant one in these Districts. While official figures are never put in public domain, figures uttered by public figures with respect & reliability indicate a 90-95% dominance in Kokrajhar, Dhubri & Chirang regions. Now Mr. Owaisi, uses these achievement, to first have recognition of Bodoland itself scrapped. He says, wherever Bodo population is less than 50%, area should be taken out of BTC’s control. Effectively, that could mean all districts under BTC would have to be taken out.

But our dear Mr. Owaisi, we don’t even recognize these Muslims as Indians. When calculating our population, any addition of these Bangladeshis to our Population will be challenged and opposed. This artificially created demographic change (an old Islamic Separatist Movement strategy) will be defeated.

For those who want to read BTC Agreement, they can access it here:

6. Militant organizations like DNDSC have semi-automatic weapons which must be seized by the State Govt.

First, what is DNDSC? There is no such militant organization. A vague reference to a Christian Congregation – Daughters of our Lady of the Sacred referred as (DNDSC) was found, but we don’t even know if they are even present in Assam. In short, Mr. Owaisi was little nervous and not knowing what he’s talking after he had made certain points above.

Now weapons in the hands of civilians must be controlled, but larger question is, what weapons have illegal Bangladeshis procured.

7. Objected to the article of Shri. Harishankar Brahma, Election Commissioner, on Bangladeshi Illegal Migrants & Doubtful Voters in Assam, written in Indian Express on 28th July 2012.

Mr. Harishankar Brahma has only stated the on-ground real experience. Instead of taking his objections and problems seriously and demanding an investigation of his findings that there are many Bangladeshis in Assam and, therefore, Doubtful Voters, Mr. Owaisi’s problem with the Authority of Mr. Brahma on this subject doesn’t augur well for India. Mr. Owaisi should consider Mr. Brahma a man of integrity, intelligence and authority.

For those who want to read the article of H S Brahma, they can access it here:

8. Warned Central Government & Members of Parliament that if Bangladeshi Illegal Migrants are not rehabilitated, India will face 3rd Wave of Radicalization amongst Muslim Youths

This point received the maximum coverage. A threat, veiled as Warning was made from inside the Loksabha, to the Central Govt & all the member of Parliament, that another large scale adoption of militant ways by Muslim youths should be expected, if Bangladeshis, FOREIGN MUSLIMS, were no rehabilitated within India.

What is this mentality? Is Mr. Asaduddin Owaisi planning Khilafat 2.0? In 2019, a Centenary of Khilafat Movement will be complete. That means, almost 100yrs back Indian Muslim Leaders created a ruckus in India for matter concerning a Muslim Empire, outside India. That mentality ultimately led to partition of India in 1947. Khilafat is the very seed for Islamic Separatist Movement (ISM). This movement nurtures a mentality that disables a person from co-existing with non-Muslims. Govt of India should clamp down on such streaks of behavior, with an Iron Hand.

Mr. Asaduddin Owaisi and many othes like him, who’s heart beats faster & exclusively for the Humanity that has converted to Islam could try & follow my simple suggestion to them. Organization for Islamic Cooperation should be approached. OIC should be asked to negotiate land/territory with Saudi Arabia (which has a lot of surplus land, is the holy land for Muslims) to settle the Stateless Persons, residing in many countries, including Bangladeshi Muslims in India.

Instead of Burdening India, with their love across borders, all the lovers across borders could come together, and find some territory in the Holy Land.

That said, Privileges Committee should look into what Mr. Owaisi has said inside the Parliament. This is wholly unacceptable. Militancy being professed from the Parliament of India, that too for a cause foreign to Indian National Interest, has to be acted upon in a tough manner.

9. Pointed out that IMDT Act, 1983 should have been applied to whole of India and not just Assam

Mr. Owaisi, all I can tell you is to read the Supreme Court judgment yourself instead of some trainee or a an apprentice. Court has repealed the Act. It declared IMDT Act 1983, ultra vires.

I have a bad feeling that Mr. Owaisi didn’t even know which Supreme Court case was being referred to. This, in spite of him being a Barrister from Lincoln’s Inn. The cases he must read are Sarbananda Sonowal Vs. Union of India, judgment given on 12th July 2005 and Sarbananda Sonowal Vs. Union of India, judgement given in 5th December 2006.

For those who want the read the 2005 Judgment, they can access it here:

For those who want the read the 2006 Judgment, they can access it here:

10. Challenged the country to prove that Bangladeshi Illegal Migrants are indeed Bangladeshi Illegal Migrants

What is the meaning of this challenge? The Population records of Kokrajhar, Dhubri, Chirang & Bongaigaon will also speak for themselves. 24% jump in Dhubri in 10years, which shares border on its West with Bangladesh, does drop enough hints for what is going on. We will track these illegal migrants down.

But this challenge does show which side of the fence Mr. Owaisi stands…he should know we are watching.

11. Questioned where the Bangladeshi Hindus were gone. While Muslim population of Bangladesh rose from 3cr to 13 cr, why has Hindu population halved to 1.5cr. Implying that those immigrating illegally from Assam were Bangladeshi Hindus & not Muslims.

What a mischievous mind this is? A leader of Islamic Separatist Movement (ISM) is implying that the well-known massacres of Hindus in Bangladesh are a “myth”. And that, possibly in reality, he drops a subtle hint, these Hindus actually migrated to India and were absorbed by India.

This should give a considerable idea on the intentions of Mr. Owaisi. His less than honest comments throughout the speech, exhibition of confidence that these Bangladeshi Immigrants are actually Indian Muslims, should make one totally doubtful of Mr. Owaisi’s intentions for India.

Asaduddin Owaisi’s membership to Indian Parliament must be reconsidered. The concerned authority must relook at his conduct and ask him to leave the Parliament. His repeated lies, voluntary & exhibited allegiance to a Foreign Nation, issuing of threat & warning of militancy, from inside Parliament are a matter of grave concern. His membership of Ethics Committee must be immediately cancelled.

Something more about AIMIM - Very Serious

I found that AIMIM, Mr. Asaduddin Owaisi’s political outfit has formed a Twitter Handle @majlisedeccan. While browsing through this Twitter handle’s tweets, I came across two extremely objectionable tweets against India & Indian Army and only an enemy of Nation could speak this Language.

On July 7, 2012, AIMIM said on Twitter:

Tweet 1:

“…Terrorist Indian army should be shot dead”

Tweet 2:

“Two terrorist jawan of Indian army shot in J&K. One killed. ”

Can any Indian speak this language? Is AIMIM really a different party or the rebellion of Razakars is still alive? Can the court of law allow a person who rejoices death of Jawans of Indian Army, to go unpunished?

The president of this anti-India party, Asaduddin Owaisi is directly responsible for what his party tweets in public.

Interestingly, as I mentioned at the beginning, Mr. Owaisi is a member of Parliamentary Standing Committee on Defence. Can such a thing be allowed? Can a man who’s Party wishes death to Indian Army be allowed to be on a Standing Committee on Defence itself?


AIMIM should be banned again & disbanded totally. Members operating Twitter Handle @majlisedeccan, as well as Party President Asaduddin Owaisi should be arrested, tried in Court of Law for treason, and jailed.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

मित्रों, आता है नरेंद्र मोदी।

देदी हमे आज़ादी बिना खड्ग, बिना ढाल
अब समझे हम, ये थी अंग्रेज़ों की चाल।

भागे वो नेताजी से, आज़ाद, लाल, बाल और पाल
सब कुछ साफ साफ है, फिर क्यों हैं मन मे सवाल।

स्वतंत्रता की सेना का सैनिक नहीं दिखता एक
नेहरू और नीच कांग्रेस रहे हैं रोटी सेक।

ताकत के चक्कर मे देश को तोड़ के किया अनेक
सौ करोड़ की आबादी मे रहा न कोई नेक।

जात-पात और हिंदू-मुस्लिम यही सुनाई देता
साथ ले चले भारत को, है क्या कोई ऐसा नेता।

तड़प रहे हैं बच्चे, ढूंढें भारत माता की गोदी
दूर नहीं वो दिन मित्रों, आता है नरेंद्र मोदी।

Monday, July 2, 2012

Citizenship Act, Sonia Gandhi & Dr. Subramaniam Swamy - Part 3

Part 3 is being presented to deliberate on what possibly caused Sonia Gandhi to give up her claim to Prime Ministership. The question of Lacuna in our Citizenship Act 1955, Representation of People Act 1950 & 1951 apart, it does make me, and I believe many others, curious as to why then Sonia Gandhi, who remote controls the entire Govt., appointed herself Chief of NAC (which itself may be an extra-constitutional body in PMO) in order to interfere with the Governance & Law-making process of India, decided to not be the PM in 2004 or even in 2009?

It is clear that Sonia Gandhi loves power. She freaks on it. But more than that she loves so much Power that she becomes unquestionable, unaccountable to People of India. So, as far as the Sacrifice Drama is concerned, it was clearly a fake drama, exposed by her behavior in later periods.

Then, why did Sonia Gandhi not become the Prime Minister of India?

This question cannot be answered without going back to May 2004. Things were moving slow as well as fast…it was a confusing period, caused especially by sudden death of NDA and a fairly indecisive vote of the people. So, while a lot of action & attempt at Govt formation was on, it wasn’t resulting into Govt formation.

We’ll try to understand this from the chronology of events itself.

Timeline of Events

I have provided Link of the news wherever I could (it is primarily from & Press Information Bureau) Kindly do read the news on these links to know things yourself.

April 20 & May 10, 2004 – General Elections were held

May 11, 2004 – President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam consults experts to understand plan of action in case of a Hung Parliament (which was looking evident).

May 12, 2004 – Sonia Gandhi met Harkishan Singh Surjeet, General Secretary of CPI(M). Surjeet agreed to support Congress with a rider that Manmohan Singh will be the Prime Minister of India. The news can be accessed here:

May 13, 2004 – Election results are announced. Congress and allies are ahead of NDA. Congress gets 145 seats and along with their pre-poll allies, number stands at 217. Congress + needed 55 more to form Govt.

May 13, 2004 (9pm) – Sharad Pawar doesn’t seem n favor of Sonia Gandhi as PM. He had afterall, left Congress to form NCP primarily on grounds of Sonia’s foreign origins. Wily politician that he is, he neither says Yes, nor No…

May 13, 2004 (10.30pm) – CPI(M) stalwart Jyoti Basu makes it clear that a non-BJP Govt at the Centre is a must. Direction for Left’s support is set, with matters of Prime Minister pending.

May 14, 2004 (12 noon) – Sharad Pawar is still undecided. Meets Sonia, but gives no commitment. Says all other partners will meet in a day or two to finalise Prime Minister. &

May 14, 2004 (12 noon) – Left Parties are still “discussing” election verdict, while clear that they will support a non-BJP Govt. They meet Mulayam Singh Yadav & VP Singh to discuss the same.

May 15, 2004 (12 noon) – Sonia Gandhi is elected as Congress CPP Leader.

May 15, 2004 (1.30pm) – Left parties are still undecided on their form of participation in the Govt. Not clear on joining Sonia’s Govt:

May 15, 2004 (3pm) – The wily Ahmed Patel states that half the allies of Congress have issued Letters of Support. This doesn’t mean post-poll allies like Left Parties, but pre-poll allies of Congress. While it is proved later, as we’ll see, that Congress had no Letter, two days after Election Result letters of support from only half of pre-poll allies does look worrying.

May 16, 2004 (9pm) – Manmohan Singh briefs media saying all allies, including Left have given Green Signal to Sonia to form Govt. However, even two days letter, we shall see, they had no Letters of Support to show to President for staking claim on Govt formation.

May 17, 2004 (10.30pm) – EC Constitutes 14th Lok Sabha, and submits the notification to the President of India at Rashtrapati Bhavan. &

May 17, 2004 (1.25pm) – Amar Singh of Samajwadi Party & Ajit Singh of Rashtriya Lok Dal meet President. Samajwadi Party submits Letter of Support for “Congress Party” and Rashtriya Lok Dal submits Letter of Support for Sonia Gandhi to President of India.

May 17, 2004 (4pm) – Uma Bharti meets President of India to register her Protest against Sonia Gandhi’s possible appointment as Prime Minister due to her Foreign Origin. Dr. Swamy also met President the same day. &

May 17, 2004 (8.30pm) – President’s Secretariat issues Press Release mentioning above three events as well as issuance of a letter to Sonia Gandhi requesting her to meet the President either the same day or the next to discuss formation of the Govt.

May 17, 2004 (10pm) – Sonia Gandhi holds 2nd round of sudden talks with her allies. Rumors are rife that Dr. Manmohan Singh might be declared Prime Ministerial candidate. In its public posture, Congress & some of its allies deny this. In all possibilities, I think Sonia Gandhi was desperate to get Letters of Support for her meeting with Kalam the next day.

May 18, 2004 (12.15pm) – Sonia Gandhi meets President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, along with Dr. Manmohan Singh for about 20 minutes. She has no Letters of Support to show to the President. Rather President informs her of the Letters of Support he had received from SP & RLD. Sonia tells President she’ll meet him again with the Letters on May 19, 2004. . &

May 18, 2004 (throughout the day) – Speculation is rife that Sonia Gandhi will step down and Manmohan Singh will be appointed Prime Minister. Allies drop all pretense and make it as clear. NCP issues a tongue in cheek statement that Leadership is Congress’ internal issue. , ,

May 18, 2004 (6.30pm) – President Secretariat discloses that Sushma Swaraj & Govindacharya met the President to express their strong reservations about Sonia Gandhi’s foreign origin and that she should not be sworn in as Prime Minister. He also makes it clear that he has “only” heard them. BSP members meet the President too with an issue based Letter of Support for new coalition Govt headed by Sonia Gandhi.

May 18, 2004 (around 8-8.30pm) – Sonia Gandhi, knowing that apart from verbal commitment, Letters of Support are not coming, decides to resign herself to save embarrassment, appoints Manmohan Singh as her replacement, for whom since May 12, other Parties were pressurizing Congress. Of course, the public drama is about Sacrifice, about higher values, so on and so forth. For many of us, after 5 -6 days of intense lobbying with other Parties for support, when a Person steps down, it is not called Sacrifice. Thanks for the Drama, aunty.

May 19, 2004 (around 5.30pm) – President’s Secretariat clarifies that all rumors about Citizenship Issue being discussed by President with Sonia Gandhi are false and that this matter didn’t even figure in the discussion.

May 19, 2004 – Various Leaders call on the President of India extending Letters of Support to UPA. All of a sudden, as Dr. Manmohan Singh’s name became formal, Letters of Support were pouting in without difficulty.

May 19, 2004 (Midnight) – President’s Secretariat issues Press Release informing about the meeting held with Dr. Manmohan Singh & Sonia Gandhi, who met the President this time “with” Letters of Support from various Parties. Upo satisfaction on Majority, President invites new CPP Leader, Dr. Manmohan Singh as the Prime Minister of India.

This entire chronology makes it more or less clear that while Law didn’t have necessary provisions for stopping an Indian Citizen of foreign origin from voting, getting elected or becoming Prime Minister, the resistance of various Political Parties from accepting a Foreign origin Indian Citizen as Prime Minister, turned things around for better.

These allies may not have been vocal, lest they be seen as allying with BJP, in order to get a non-BJP Govt without Sonia Gandhi, they do seem to have not issued Letters of Support to Sonia Gandhi, despite verbal assurances.

Sonia’s Sacrifice Drama

Of course it was all a drama. A person lobbying hard with various political parties to get their support to become Prime Minister of India for almost a week (May 12, 2004 - May 18, 2004) doesn’t suddenly become a saint and give-up the desire for the position. Only an inability to become the Prime Minister stopped Sonia Gandhi from becoming a Prime Minister.

Sonia Gandhi in later years – Power without Accountability

The fact that in later years Sonia Gandhi formed an NAC, appointed herself the Chief, started interfering with Policy making as well as Law making process of the Government, makes it amply clear that she was dying to be in power. But the inability in 2004, made this ambitious woman find the way to Power without Accountability. There couldn’t have been a bigger gain for Sonia Gandhi and bigger loss for India, than what is going on presently.

Role of Dr. Subramanian Swamy

Where did you find his role in this entire thing? I find none.

Some people mistake that I have an agenda against Dr. Swamy. Some think it is due to my liking for Atal Behari Vajpayee (Dr. Swamy despises Vajpayee). They are wrong. That is all I can say.

Lacuna in our Laws

It is about removing all the clutter Dr. Swamy has created for self-goals, and letting the nation know that there is a Lacuna in our Laws with respect to appointment of Indian Citizens of Foreign-origin to the position of even a Prime Minister of the country. India will be in grave danger. Our geo-politics doesn’t give us the luxury of lax laws.

Imagine if a Pakistani origin Citizens becomes Indian Citizen, votes in India, fights election in India or becomes Prime Minister of India, where could things go? Our Laws must be prudent and should account for all possibilities.

For Dr. Swamy’s Frenzied Forces

I wrote first on this subject on Jaunary 31, 2012. Its 5 months, and there is no serious, clear answers from Dr. Swamy or any of his frenzied supporters. If they believe their silence on facts and explanations will make their falsehood convert to Truth, I am sorry, that will not be the case.

Dr. Swamy is known to encourage people to demand accountability from Sonia Gandhi, Atal Behari Vajpayee etc…I demand accountability from Dr. Swamy.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Citizenship Act, Sonia Gandhi & Dr. Subramanian Swamy - Part 2

Since my last post explaining why Indians shouldn’t believe Citizenship Act 1955, either in the past or now, can stop Sonia Gandhi from assuming any high Constitutional Office in India, a lot of comments, war of words, counter-arguments, new perspectives as well as hard facts have emerged. Most of the conversation has been on Twitter.

It was therefore natural that I must write a continuity piece to my post The Indian Citizenship Act, Sonia Gandhi & Dr. Subramanian Swamy -

Since it is purely an academic exercise, we’ll delve only into new perspectives raised by those who have followed Dr. Subramanian Swamy’s supporters as well as certain new irrefutable facts that have emerged.

Additional Perspectives

1. That Sonia Gandhi received her citizenship on 30th April 1983, whereas, certain amendments to Section 5(1)(c), under which she received her Citizenship came in 1986, effected in 1987. Therefore, her Citizenship is null & void.
2. The Reciprocity Clause applied to entire Section 5 of Citizenship Act 1955, which was deleted in Citizenship Amendment Act 2003 by the NDA Govt. and that the said Amendment Act was carried out in a hurry.
3. That Citizenship Amendment Act 2003 itself is invalid as the Omission of Reciprocity clause had not been mentioned in the Statement of Objects & Reasons.
4. Sonia Gandhi’s name was in voter list in 1980, whereas she became a citizen of India only in 1983. And this act is enough to cancel her Citizenship.
5. Rahul Gandhi has been added to this debate, where Dr. Subramanian Swamy claims he can stop Rahul from becoming Prime Minister of the Country under Article 18, Article 102 & Article 103.

These are the five interesting perspectives presented. We will discuss these perspectives in some detail first and then proceed to check additional, irrefutable facts later.

Additional Perspective 1: Amendment of Section 5(1)(c) in 1986

When I heard it first, I thought Dr. Swamy has possibly caught the hitch which will disqualify Sonia Gandhi’s citizenship and with that any chance of Indians being ruled by this Italian.

Unfortunately, when I read the Section 5(1)(c), as it existed prior to 1986 amendment of Citizenship Act 1955, I found it is another misguided missile. I am re-producing it here for everyone’s convenience.

Pre-1986, Section 5(1)(c) of Citizenship Act 1955 read as “Women who are, or have been, married to citizens of India, and are ordinarily resident in India and have been so resident for five years immediately before making an application for registration.”

After 1986 Amendment the same Section 5(1)(c) reads as, “Persons who are, or have been, married to citizens of India, and are ordinarily resident in India and have been so resident for five years immediately
before making an application for registration”

This can be checked here in this copy of Citizenship Act 1955, Point 7 on the Last Page.

Basically the Act was amended to include people of both male & female gender by replacing the word “Women” with “Persons”.

Sonia Gandhi is a Woman and about that, I presume, there is no doubt.

Additional Perspective 2 (part 1) – Application of Reciprocity Clause to entire Section 5 and not just 5(1)(e)

I have dealt with this question in my earlier post on the same subject, which can be accessed here:

However, since this point emerges regularly, I will quote at least two Court cases as well as the Statement of Objects and Reasons as described in the Original Act of 1955.

Case 1 - R Venkateshwara Rao Vs. Union of India and Others
Paragraph 12 of the Judgment of Andhra Highcourt given on 23rd April 1999 in R Venkateshwara Rao Vs. Union of India and Others, explaining application of reciprocity to Section 5(1)(e) only must be read to understand this point clearly. While the Judgment and the relevant Paragraph can be accessed here: I am re-producing the Paragraph 12 here for everyone’s convenience.

“12. Citizenship is a relationship of sovereign and subject and so far as Indian Constitution or the Citizenship Act are concerned, no distinction is drawn in the status of citizen - whether a born citizen (Section 3), citizen by descent (Section 4) or citizen by registration (Section 5(1)(a) to (d)). The citizens under the above legal provisions arc treated on par and are entitled for all civil and political rights. There is a distinction drawn only with regard to citizenship under Section 5(1)(e) as also Section 6(1) of the Act. Question of reciprocity as argued by the learned Counsel for the petitioner is relevant only in the context of the citizenship conferred on foreign nationals under the above two legal provisions - Section 5(1)(e) and Section 6(1) of the Act. While under Section 5(1)(e) of the Act, a person is admitted as a citizen of India, subject to such rights the native Indians enjoy in the countries enumerated in the First Schedule of the Act, insofar as citizen by naturalization under Section 6(1) of the Act is concerned, no subject or citizen of any country where citizens of India are prevented by law or practice of that country from becoming subjects or citizens of that country by naturalisation, can be naturalised as Indian citizens.”

Even when one reads Paragraph 13 of the same judgment, one can easily figure that Reciprocity doesn’t apply to Section 5(1)(c) of Citizenship Act, under which Sonia Gandhi has taken citizenship. People can read it in the link provided above. However, I am re-producing an extract from Paragraph 13 here for everyone’s convenience.

“13. From the above discussion, it is clear that for conferment of citizenship by registration under Section 5(1)(c) of the Act, no reciprocity has been imposed by the Parliament. Under Section 5(1)(c) of the Act, there are twin conditions for acquiring the citizenship viz., (i) marriage to an Indian citizen and (ii) 5 years stay in India at the time of making application for registration as a citizen. It is not in dispute that the 8th respondent had complied these conditions and as such, was conferred with the status of Indian citizenship by the Central Government in exercise of the powers under Section 5(1)(c) of the Act. It is for the Parliament, which is the legislative body, to prescribe conditions while conferring citizenship; but merely because conditions have not been prescribed, thus, enabling the citizen of foreign origin to contest for the political post, it cannot be said that the provision is unconstitutional.”

Case 2 – T A Usman Mahomed Vs. State of Madras

This is a case which was filed within 4yrs of enactment of Citizenship Act 1955 and Madras High Court gave its judgment on 17th November 1959. The case per se is a very interesting one, however, our attention here is going to be on application of Reciprocity Clause to Section 5(1)(e). This point has been explained nicely in Paragraph 16, under Point 5 of Explanation on Page 6 of this Document. This can be read here:

However, I am re-producing it here for everyone’s convenience.

“(5) A person registered under this section shall be a citizen of India by registration as from the date on which he is so registered; and a person registered under the provisions of clause (b)(ii) of Article 6 or article 8 of the Constitution shall be deemed to be a citizen of India by registration as from the commencement of the Constitution or the date on which he was so registered, whichever may be later." It would be noticed that Section 5(1)(e) refers to persons, who are citizens of a country specified in the first schedule. This has to be read in conjunction with Section 11, under, which 'every person who is a citizen of a Commonwealth country specified in the First Schedule shall by virtue of that citizenship have, the status of a Commonwealth citizen of India', and the terms of Section 12 which enables the Central Government to "make provision on the basis of reciprocity for the conferment of all or any of the rights of a citizen of India on the citizens of any country specified in the First Schedule". The first schedule sets out, inter alia, the Commonwealth countries and includes in that list Pakistan.”

Section 11 & 12 of Citizenship Act 1955, prior to its amendment in 2003, also explain the application of Reciprocity Clause to Section 5(1)(e) alone, as it deals with Commonwealth Nations. I have explained it in my earlier post on this subject.

Case 3 – The Statement of Objects and Reasons of the original Citizenship Act 1955

The Statement of Objects and Reasons of the original Citizenship Act 1955, as enacted on 30th December 1955 by the President of India, makes it very clear that Reciprocity Clause was meant for citizens of Commonwealth Countries taking Indian Citizenship. This can be read on Page 10, 2nd Paragraph under Statement of Objects & Reasons, here:

I am re-producing it here for everyone’s convenience.

“The Bill also seeks to formally recognize Commonwealth citizenship and permit the Central Government to extend on a reciprocal basis such rights of an Indian citizen as may be agreed upon to the citizens of other Commonwealth countries and the Republic of Ireland.”

Additional Perspective 2 (part 2) – The Citizenship Amendment Act 2003 was carried out in a Hurry

On May 8, 1998 a Commission on Review of Administrative Laws was formed. This was headed by P C Jain and had three other members. This four member commission submitted its report in 2 Volumes on 30th September 1998 to the Government of India. 109 Central Acts had been referred to this Commission for review by the Union Govt. Citizenship Act 1955 was one of them.

Meanwhile in 2000, Dr. L M Singhvi High level Committee on Indian Diaspora was created under an order issued on 18th August 2000. This committee made various suggestions relating to Indian Diaspora worldwide and one of them was Overseas Citizenship status.

Based on this while Citizenship Act was being amended to include Overseas Citizenship status (with limited rights), sections relating to Commonwealth Nations and Citizenship were Omitted.

Originally, L K Advani presented this Bill to the Parliament on May 9, 2003 (Rajya Sabha). The Bill was then sent to the Parliamentary Standing Committee headed by Pranab Mukherjee. Here’s the link to the Rajya Sabha proceedings on tabling of the Bill on 9th May 2003:

The Bill was presented again on December 18, 2003, after a gap of 7 months in Rajya Sabha and debated. It was presented then in Lok Sabha on December 22, 2003 and debated.

Rajya Sabha debate of 18th December 2003 -

Lok Sabha debate of 22nd December 2003 -

Since the second meet of Indian Diaspora was scheduled in Delhi on January 9-10, 2004, President of India Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam gave his assent to the Bill on January 7, 2004.

However, if people doubt either the intelligence of Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam or his integrity while giving his assent, then the entire story relating to Sonia Gandhi & Citizenship Act is humbug, as rumor mongers have also credited him with having stopped Sonia Gandhi from becoming PM based on Citizenship Act or Dual Citizenship issue.

Overall, the process of review and amendment of Citizenship Act seems to have been going on since 1998, which finally culminated in 2003.

Additional Perspective 3 – Invalidity of Citizenship Amendment Act 2003

As far as case of Sonia Gandhi’s disqualification from occupying Constitutional Offices is concerned, validity or invalidity of Citizenship Amendment Act 2003 is immaterial. However, for the sake of argument and clarity, let us spend a few minutes on this issue.

The argument given is that the Statement of Objects and Reasons of Citizenship Amendment Act 2003 didn’t cover the issue of removal of Reciprocity Clause. To know the truth, one simply needs to look at Paragraph 2(vii) of the Statement of Objects and Reasons of the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2003. The Statement of Objects and Reasons for 2003 Amendment is given on Page 9 of this Document:

However, I am re-producing the Statement of Objects & Reasons here for everyone’s convenience.


The Citizenship Act, 1955 which provides for the acquisition of citizenship, after the commencement of the Constitution by birth, descent, registration, naturalisation and incorporation of territory under certain circumstances, and also provides for the termination and deprivation of citizenship, was among those 109 Central Acts identified for a review by the Commission on Review of Administrative Laws constituted by the Central Government under the Chairmanship of Shri P.C. Jain in 1998. Subsequently, the High Level Committee on Indian Diaspora constituted by the Central Government, inter alia, recommended the amendment of this Act to provide for the grant of dual citizenship to persons of Indian origin belonging to certain specified countries. The Central Government has accordingly decided to make provisions for the grant of dual citizenship and has taken the opportunity of introducing a scheme for the compulsory registration of every citizen of India, and for this purpose to issue national identity cards.

2. The above objects are proposed to be achieved, inter alia, by amending provisions of the Citizenship Act so as to—
(i) make acquisition of Indian citizenship by registration and naturalization more stringent;
(ii) prevent illegal migrants from becoming eligible for Indian citizenship;
(iii) simplify the procedure to facilitate the re-acquisition of Indian citizenship by persons of full age who are children of Indian citizens, and former citizens of independent India;
(iv) provide for the grant of overseas citizenship of India to persons of Indian origin belonging to specified countries, and Indian citizens who choose to acquire the citizenship of any of these countries at a later date;
(v) provide for the compulsory registration and issue of a national identity card to all citizens of India;
(vi) enhance the penalty for violation of its provisions, as well as the rules framed under it; and
(vii) to omit all provisions recognizing, or relating to the Commonwealth citizenship from the Act.

3. The Bill seeks to achieve the above objects.

The 7th May, 2003.”

Section 5(1)(e), 11, 12 and Annexure 1 of this Act related to Commonwealth Citizenship and were accordingly repealed. Therefore, the question of its validity or invalidity doesn’t arise. And all said and done, India is much farther away from being a Banana Republic that an Invalid Law would continue to exist.

Additional Perspective 4 – Sonia Gandhi’s name in Voter List of 1980 vis-à-vis her Citizenship in 1983

It is the best argument I have come across till now. I have not been able to verify this, but with good faith in Dr. Swamy, the scanned copy of 1980 Voter List carrying name of Sonia Gandhi does seem interesting. One can check the same here on Janta Party website:

And there is no doubt that Sonia Gandhi did become Indian Citizen on 30th April 1983. This information is as per CIC under RTI. The same can be checked here:

However, between 1999 & 2012, now, Dr. Swamy has not moved any court based on this information (as far as I know) and, therefore, if at all there is any substance in this allegation, someone from within Public will have to take the step forward.

Whoever moves court based on this information must verify facts before hand. If Dr. Swamy, who has gone to Allahabad Highcourt and Delhi Highcourt on some very trivial issues for Sonia Gandhi’s disqualification (and failed) has not taken up this matter, then a thorough investigation is called for before serious moves.

Additional Perspective 5 – Challenging Rahul Gandhi on PM-ship through Article 18, Article 102 & Article 103

This is what Dr. Swamy said:

Article 18 of Constitution of India refers to Abolition of Titles, has no relation to Rahul Gandhi’s possible Prime Ministership issue. Awaits necessary controversy to work using this article.

Article 102 has been thoroughly rejected in the Courts. Cases have been listed below, people can read themselves.

Under Article 103, a case by Dr. Swamy himself has been lost once in 2009 in Delhi High Court. Are there fresh facts coming up?

No further comments.

Time for other Hard Facts

1. Three court cases where Sonia Gandhi’s citizenship issue has been raised were read in detail. One case was R Venkateshwara Rao Vs. Union of India and Others in Andhra High Court where the Judgment was passed on 23rd April 1999. Second was Harishanker Jain Vs. Sonia Gandhi in Supreme Court where the Judgment was passed on 12th September 2001. Third was Rashtriya Mukti Morcha Vs. Union of India in Delhi High Court where the Judgment was passed on 24th November 2006.

R Venkateshwara Rao Vs. Union of India:

Harishanker Jain Vs. Sonia Gandhi:

Rashtriya Mukti Morcha Vs. Union of India:

2. All three cases went in favor of Sonia Gandhi. The Judgments are elaborate. Have touched on all points raised in various public debates. In Harishanker Jain Vs. Sonia Gandhi lack of necessary evidence presented by the petitioners led to loss of case.
3. President A P J Abdul Kalam, who’s integrity cannot be doubted by ordinary mortals, and who’s career record doesn’t need any certificate for human intelligence has been dragged into this somewhat strange and unnecessary controversy. In order to extract himself out of this, President’s Secretariat issued a Press Release on May 19, 2004. You can read the same here:

I am re-producing it here for everyone’s convenience.

“It has been reported in a section of the press that the President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam had discussed the citizenship issue with Smt. Sonia Gandhi when she met him yesterday at Rashtrapati Bhavan. This is contrary to facts. It did not figure in the discussions at all.”


Indian Constitution, Citizenship Act 1955 & Representation of People Act 1950 & 1951 must be reviewed and amended to ensure foreign born citizens, who we believe cannot appreciate the interests of our Nation and Culture and in certain cases doubt integrity, are barred from voting, contesting elections and occupying Constitutional Offices.

This suggestion is not based on some petty outlook, but simply because Indians, as people, are too far away from accepting any such arrangement with open-heartedness. There is nothing wrong in rejection of a Foreign-born persons involvement in Indian Politics, however, when we clap at Indians occupying significant political offices in other countries, we do create a case for such an arrangement within India.

Some people are bound to take this as my opposition to “good-work” undertaken by this person or that. I cannot help such thinking. But shooting empty bullets is not going to injure anyone, surely not fatally. It is better that every move we make is based on solid reason, logic and material evidence. Else, apart from making noise, we will not reach anywhere.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Army Chief, Parliament & an Undeclared Emergency

India’s is being destroyed. It is being destroyed Politically, Militarily, Economically, Constitutionally as well as Culturally. This should be very clear on everyone’s mind. From every dirty maneuver of Sonia Gandhi-led Congress, some gain on any of these fronts or multiple fronts simultaneously is made. Since India is to be destroyed totally, and it is being done using a Chaos Theory, where while everything looks like madness, there is some method to the madness. As usual, the larger mass of the public will fail to pin-point the method of this madness and by the time people arrive at some conclusion, it will be too late.

While the enemies of the Nation are enjoying destroying Army, some other sinister design is working simultaneously right now. To understand what has happened in the last 8 yrs of Congress-led UPA Govt’s rule, let me give you a list of institutions that have allowed our democracy to survive and that have now been rendered dysfunctional.

1. CBI – Subdued, Works only for Congress Party. Disrupts democratic process at will by not closing cases against prominent Political leaders and re-opening them whenever their co-operation is sought by Congress in the Parliament.
2. Press/Media – That the media is paid is no secret. And this secret has been mentioned very clearly in the Press Council of India report.
3. CVC – We all know the famous case of P J Thomas. After Pratyush Sinha who exposed 2G Scam right from Day Zero, this department has practically shut down
4. Government of India – Practically nothing that is in the interest of this Nation is done by this Government and it appears to be canvassing for some Foreign powers. Prime Minister himself is always excited when a matter concerns interest of some Foreign Nation, while on all domestic issues he maintains an irritating silence.
5. Parliament of India – What is going on Indian Parliament is no secret. No meaningful debate on non-performance of the Government or on issues of National importance is allowed. The Speaker simply never yields to the Opposition Parties. No discussion that requires voting of the members is allowed to take place. No meaningful law has come out of last two Parliaments except Right to Information. Rest all get introduced then blurred and dinned in the shouts inside the Parliament. The power of the Parliament is being slowly passed over to National Advisory Council (NAC) chaired by Sonia Gandhi, the Italian President of Congress Party.
6. Judiciary – Regular news of bribery in Judiciary has been coming in even in certain sections of media. While many Judges seem to be holding the Candle of India’s Democracy, in many cases, the very nature of the Judgment is mostly political in nature. Comments of judges are not made for purpose of delivery of justice but to appeal to certain vote banks.
7. CAG – Time and again attempts have been made to silence the lone torch bearer of Democracy and Corruption free India. Major allegations against CAG himself and harassment to him by PMO as well as during meetings of Joint-Parliamentary Committee on 2G Scam have surfaced in media, though not given due importance.
8. Social Media – Government’s attempts to silence free public participation on Social Media has been a shameful public fact. Fictitious matters have been filed in Courts and Social Media companies are being coerced to black-out the free-speech. This is also a method to intimidate many participants on social media.
9. ISRO/Scientific Community – The summary treatment meted out to former ISRO Chief on the Antrix-Devas Deal has been a shameful chapter in the history of Government’s treatment to world renowned Scientific Community of India that has provided scientific advancement in various field, and notably in Space Science, at fraction of a cost compared to other Countries in similar fields. Idea is to stop scientific advancement in India and make it dependent on US and other NATO countries.
10. RBI – The once thriving Central Bank which was seemingly becoming autonomous and taking independent calls has been subdued and the constant fight between inflation and interest rates is not reaching anywhere. India’s monetary policy is now not a matter of professional expediency but of Political Calls.
11. Indian Armed Forces – The entire procurement process has come to a naught in the last 8 yrs. Many other measures undertaken to destroy armed forces. Result - Indian Armed Forces are short on Officers, have few new Cadets, has serving personnel opting for pre-mature retirement, morale is at an all time low, Armed Forces are completely ill-equipped (as known to all with the leak of CoAS’ letter to PMO). Latest frictions between Govt of India and Army Chief are also a step forward in that negative direction
12. State Police and Federal Structure – Repeated attempts have been made by this Govt at undermining Federal Structure of India as enshrined in the Preamble of Constitution of India and re-emphasized by Honorable Supreme Court in various cases, including Kesavanand Bharti case of 1973. The Govt tried violating federal structure in its Lokpal draft, and it has tried violating it again in NCTC matter. In order to undermine the State Govt's ruled by non-Congress Parties, the office of Governor is regularly used. CMs are harassed through unwanted demand for proving majority on floor of house mid-term as well as appointment of officials is done without taking Cognizance of the CM of the State, like it happened in case of Gujarat Lokayukta
13. Intelligence Agencies - IB's role has become that of a mole. Eavesdropping on political adversaries, making illegal phone tapping etc have become the primary objectives of IB. NTRO is reportedly tapping over 7 Lakh phones in the country and not one sleeping cell of terrorists is caught. Is that logically possible?
14. NGOs - NGOs, which along with Media are a strong public awareness and action tool is totally compromised. Foreign funding to NGOs is on a drastic rise. Congress is now itself funding NGOs to engage its political adversaries. Teesta Setalvad and Javed Anand have been on record that during election in Gujarat, Congress party funded them.

Whether people accept this or not, practically the entire power is now concentrating in the hands of the Central Government and in practical sense of it, in the hands of Sonia Gandhi, the Italian President of Congress Party.

In the case of Army Chief, many curious things have been happening. Three revelations have come out concerning Army, Army Chief and Corruption within.

1. Army Chief was offered Rs.14cr bribe
2. Army is ill-equipped. Cannot face more than 2 days of full-scale war due to ammunition shortage
3. On allegation of phone-tap in MoD, Army gave some Press Release dated March 5, 2012, naming Lt. Gen Tejinder Singh as the man and also accusing him of being a broker for Tatra Trucks

While we can go into depths of the Point no.1, I am concerned here about something sinister I see as far as Point no. 2 & 3 is concerned.

Why is Govt crying foul?

That Army is ill-equipped is actually no state secret. The Thousands of crores of Rupees meant to be spent on procurement of Arms, Ammunitions and related Equipment is returned back every year. It is not being spent. If Armed Forces are not acquiring anything new, it is common sense that it is running short of Equipments, especially when this is a scenario year after year for last 8yrs.

Army Chief, supposedly, informed A K Antony over a year back about the shortage. Based on this a presentation was made by Army Officials to MoD (as per Indian Express report) in or around February 2012. Here’s some chronology thereafter:

March 3, 2012 - This news somehow reached Indian Express and was published in fair detail.
March 4, 2012 – An allegation that Army, under Gen. V K Singh is tapping phones in MoD surfaces
March 5, 2012 – Media says Army has made a Press Release naming Lt. Gen. Tejinder Singh behind these rumors and that he’s associated with Tatra Trucks as a middleman
March 25, 2012 - Army Chief reveals the case of Rs.14cr bribe offered to him by a very senior retired officer for some substandard and over-priced vehicles. Also, that he had informed Defense Minister A K Antony
March 27, 2012 – A K Antony tells Parliament that Army Chief has informed him about the Bribe Offer and that the Retired Officer concerned was Lt. Gen. Tejinder Singh.
March 28, 2012 – A letter written by Army Chief to MoD and re-written to PMO on March 12, 2012, surfaces in media. The said letter gave details of shortage of ammunition and other items in Indian Army

The Govt goes ballistic. Action-reaction is going strong. Media is reporting nothing else but this leaked letter. Antony calls the leak anti-national, in the Parliament. Nobody really knows who leaked it, but Govt gives the impression and media campaigns around it that Army Chief himself did (bloody Banana Republic). But most interestingly, the contents of this letter had already been published Indian Express on March 3, 2012. Why didn't Government make any noise then?

March 29, 2012 – Army Chief gives a very very short Press Conference, amongst other things he says, “This cynical approach to tar my reputation should be stopped.”
March 29, 2012 – After Army Chief’s angry roar, A K Antony gives a Press Conference of his own saying all three Service Chiefs enjoy the faith of the Govt of India.

Matter is closed for the time being. Cut to the Court.

March 27, 2012: Lt. Gen. Tejinder Singh (Retd.) files Defamation Case against Gen. V K Singh and four other Army Officers, citing Press Release of March 5, 2012.
March 30, 2012: Delhi HC takes the matter on-board, questions who made the Press Release between MoD and Indian Army, gives time till April 27, 2012 to the Government to reply.

Controversy goes on only during Parliament Session

Guess what, Parliament’s Budget Session was convened between March 12-30, 2012. Discussions and maneuvering on anti-Federalism oriented NCTC law was being discussed. Through some sort of coercion few opposing MPs decided to leave the Parliament during voting, Govt wins NCTC matter in Parliament.

Media is filled with news of recent elections in UP, Punjab, Goa, Uttarakhand and Manipur during most of the Budget Session of Parliament, then diverts attention of the Nation to matters related to Army Chief.

A separate spicy issue of defamation case is hurriedly taken on-board, on March 27, 2012 and then for a simple answer on who made the Press Release to the media on March 5, 2012 naming Lt. Gen Tejinder Singh, Delhi HC gives the Govt time till April 27, 2012.

The Parliament session interestingly reconvenes on April 24-May 22, 2012. The media will once again canvass the entire Parliamentary proceeding with matters related to Army Chief. Govt will also spar with its own Army during this period.

As an Aside

There is no official Press Release from either Indian Army or MoD on March 5, 2012 or any other date naming Lt. Gen. Tejinder Singh. Neither MoD, Indian Army or Press Information Bureau websites carry any such Press Release. On March 5, 2012, MoD gave a press release about blacklisting of 6 firms on bribery allegation and Indian Army gave a press release about Indo-US Joint Exercise.

There are now some fictitious stories around the Press Release.


What is going on is an extremely dangerous thing. Citizens should be watchful. They must remember what I mentioned earlier. India is being destroyed Politically, Militarily, Economically, Constitutionally as well as Culturally.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

BJP’s Requested Role – Govt’s conflict with Armed Forces

On issues related to Indian Armed Forces, BJP should come out openly and clearly. What is going on is not a simple matter. This is gravely serious and instead of making it a Politicians Vs. Army Chief, BJP should play the role of bringing the focus of the Nation to the content of Army Chief’s letter rather than unproven issues of propriety as far as Army Chief is concerned.

BJP is known for standing up strongly in favor of National Security issue. I am personally a natural fan of BJP because of its unfailing stand on National Security issues.

Here’s a list of important issues that I feel face Indian Armed Forces.

1. Appointment of Lt. Gen. Bikram Singh as the next Army Chief (CoAS)
a. What is this “Line of Succession”? Since when has Indian Army started preparing a “Line of Succession” for the position of its Chief of Staff?
b. Why was name of Lt. Gen. Bikram Singh announced 90 days in advance as opposed to 60 days, which is the usual procedure?
c. Lt. Gen. Bikram Singh’s son is married to a Pakistani National and lives in Dubai. What was so outstanding in Lt. Gen. Bikram Singh’s service record that he and he alone is a suitable Army Chief?
d. Lt. Gen. Bikram Singh was the Director General Perspective Planning when the shortage of Ammunition in Army started (Till April 2010).
e. Lt. Gen. Bikram Singh is also a favorite with the media because his past role as the PRO during Kargil Conflict.

2. Shortage of Personnel across Armed Forces, especially in Officers’ Category
a. Batches after Batches are facing shortage of necessary number of cadets at OTA, Chennai as well as IMA
b. New Cadets are not coming, Young Officers on Short Service are not extending service to Permanent Commission, Officers on Permanent Commission are taking pre-mature retirement and joining Corporate Sector and Govt has no method for retaining and adding Men to its forces.
c. Morale of Faujis, ACR issues, Salary Issues (especially when compared what Officers get offered from Corporate Sector) etc are taking a major toll. Mishandling of situations like things that have happened recently with Army Chief are adding to the woes.

3. Shortage of Arms, Ammunitions and other Necessary Equipment
a. Army Chief’s letter to MoD, presentation to MoD last month by Army and a new letter (now leaked) to PMO list out the shortages very well and are now a part of public discussion
b. Govt must be pressurized into modernizing forces immediately.
c. Govt is not equipping Armed Forces adequately on one hand and on the other they are provoking China in South China Sea, what is the meaning of such a maneuver
d. Nuke Deterrence is not adequate defense as we all know it something that will mostly not be used.

4. Indigenization of Production, immediately
a. India produces world-class missiles and its Launch Pads, but doesn’t produce high quality Guns and Bullets? When we buy foreign manufactured Guns like AK-47, AK-56, we become dependent on Foreign Nations for its Bullets.
b. Production of indigenous Aircraft Carrier INS Vikrant (also known as Project 71) is unofficially going on since 1997 at least. The date in public domain may be of later period like 2000 or so. Still not complete. Same for other indigenous programs.
c. Subject to comments of Armed Forces officials, I think Govt policy should be about indigenous production of arms, ammunition & other equipments necessary for at least 2 months war possibility with any of our neighbors either individually or jointly. Why are we dependent on Foreign Nations?
d. Procurement from Foreign Nations not only carries the issue of kickbacks, but also delayed placement of orders, delay in delivery of orders and in some cases, like Aircraft Carrier, non-availability of permissions from foreign nations for sale of “brand new” Aircraft Carriers

5. Highlighting of Chinese Preparations for Military Conflict with India
a. The urgency on these issues will come only when the high-possibility of conflict with China will be highlighted. Here’s a view to what’s going on:
i. India has 7 neighbours – 6 along territorial boundary and One in purely coastal
ii. Pakistan, Nepal, China, Myanmar & Bangladesh is already romancing with China in different magnitudes. Bhutan’s Defense itself is India’s responsibility.
iii. Srilanka on Coastal border is also romancing with China
iv. China is building a String of Pearls around Indian Waters – Sittwe & Coco Islands with Myanmar, Chittagong in Bangladesh, Hambantota in (Southern) Srilanka and Gwadar in Balochistan Region of Pakistan will all have ports for China, which needless to say, will initially carry the tag of “purely for merchant shipping purpose”.
v. Transnational Speed Rail from China to Pak in the Gilgit Agency region in PoK is also now a Public Secret.
b. Repeated threats from China on South China Sea, Oil Exploration project with Vietnam is not a good sign
c. Repeated and unreported incursions of Chinese into Indian territory, at WILL, is a horrible sign of confidence of Indian Faujis in facing Chinese Soldiers (Huge incidents occur along Ladakh, Himachal, Sikkim and Arunachal Region…most incidents go unreported.

6. Implementation of Report of Kargil Review Committee
a. Report was made under BJP led Govt
b. All issues pertaining to management of Armed Forces, including Paramilitary Forces and State Police were dealt with in Detail, including treatment of Soldiers across their Lifetime with Indian Security establishment
c. Frictions between Civilian Govt and Military leadership could easily be reduced by implementation of this Report.
d. BJP should put its entire weight behind implementation of this Report of Kargil Review Committee. Largest no. of issues pertaining to Structural Problems and problems caused due to Structural Problems will be resolved immediately.

7. One Rank, One Pension
a. No doubt, this is a serious issue. It may in fact have some positive effect on recruitment aspect too
b. Prime Minister’s impropriety in telling lies on the floor of the house on 3rd March 2010 when Shri. L K Advani was giving Motion of Thanks to the President, and raised the OROP issue, and Prime Minister butted in saying OROP is implemented, is to be highlighted. Govt must be held Accountable. Prime Minister must be personally held accountable.

These are some of my suggestions and request to the current BJP Leadership. I have lot of faith in BJP because it stands strongly behind National Security issues. And I believe no party is better suited to raise these issues than BJP.

Looking forward to some positive action.