Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Congress Party – The Idea Thief

It is for few years that I have been pointing out to friends the awful trend where Congress has not only been stealing Ideas & Policies of erstwhile BJP-led NDA Govt, it has been spoiling those Policies or Laws for worse, repackaging them and selling them as their own.

The serious reservation is not as much for stealing of ideas, as I believe stealing a good idea for Nations cause and implementing it properly, is only a good trait in Good Governance. In fact, it can hardly be called stealing. However, when a political party takes up ideas, that are already implemented, kills them, rejuvenates them with a horrible set of DNA that not only doesn’t serve the National Interest, in fact, takes something away from it, only to play Politics with Governance, then it is a highly condemnable act.

Over the years, I have come across at least 4 such areas of concern.

1. Congress, for no real rhyme or reason, repealed Freedom of Information Act 2002, and replaced it with Right to Information Act 2005.
2. Then it changed the name of Free & Compulsory Education for Children Bill 2003, to Right to Education Bill
3. Then it tampered with Food for Work Program, which BJP itself had brought back to life only, and replaced it with NREGA
4. Lastly, and recently, a program launched in December 2000, Antyodaya Anna Yojana, which is even today a running program, was replaced with Food Security Act 2013

What has Congress done in each case?

While a detailed study of each of these cases will take much time and will surely be carried out before the coming elections, a quick look at what has been done is important.

1. Freedom of Information Act 2003 vs. Right To Information Act 2005

India has struggled long for transparency and demand for information has been a product of this struggle. This demand for transparency & information on public acts first received legitimacy in 1975, and very interestingly in the famous State of UP vs. Raj Narain case. This was the case that ultimately caused cancellation of Indira Gandhi’s Election through Allahabad High Court Judgment on charges of use of State Machinery for winning election. It is also the case, that made the insecure Indira declare emergency after obtaining the much required stay order on Allahabd High Court judgement.

However, for our purpose, in the January 1975 judgment in Supreme Court, over admission of Evidence, Supreme Court backed the right of the people in democracy to know every public act.

In 1990, then Prime Minister V P Singh stressed on the need for extending right to information through a legislation. Going through various evolutions & developments, in 1998, Vajpayeeji announced the coming of Law to make the information freely available to Indian Citizens. In 2000, Freedom of Information Bill was presented to Parliament and then referred to Parliamentary Standing Committee on Home Affairs. Finally, the Freedom of Information Act was passed on 3rd December 2002, and received President’s Assent on 6th January 2003.

The Report of the Parliamentary Committee on Home Affairs on Freedom of Information Bill 2000 can be read here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/168727063/Report-on-Freedom-of-Information-Bill-2000

The Freedom of Information Act 2002, as passed by Parliament on 3rd December 2002, can be read here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/168728020/Freedom-of-Information-Act-2002

With the change of Govt in 2004, Congress-led UPA came to power and brought its own version called Right to Information Act 2005 and repealed Freedom of Information Act 2002. It is very clear that the repeal of FOIA 2002 was done purely for cheap political reasons. Even if there was any kind of strengthening of Information Law was to be undertaken, it could have been done easily through an amendment act.

2. Right to Education Vs. The Right of Children to Free & Compulsory Education Act

Right to Education is actually a Fundamental Right introduced during BJP-led NDA’s Govt, on 12th December 2002. This was possibly, one of the first Directive Principle of State Policy to convert into a Fundamental Right.

Introduced through The Constitutional (Eighty Sixth) Amendment Act 2002, three changes were made to the Constitution.

·      Introduction of Article 21(A) as a Fundamental Right
·      Change in Article 45 to effect modified condition as a Directive Principle of State Policy
·      Introduction of Article 51(A)(k) as a Fundamental Duty

This is the Original Right to Education.

To give effect to these Constitutional Provisions, necessary laws were required to be placed. The same was in the process of being executed through a series of drafts under a proposed Law called Free & Compulsory Education for Children Bill 2003. Going through various changes, by 2004 May, the Govt at the Centre changed after elections. Soon thereafter, for cheap political gains, the proposed Law was renamed slightly differently, formally, and drastically in its popular usage.

Officially, the proposed Edcuation Law was renamed to The Right of Children to Free & Compulsory Education Biill 2008, and in popular usage, for cheap political gains, the Congress used the name Right to Education, giving an impression to the gullible people as if it is enacting a Fundamental Right.

Those who want to read the text of 86th Amendment Act, you can read it here - http://indiacode.nic.in/coiweb/amend/amend86.htm

Those who want to read draft of Free & Compulsory Education for Children 2003, you can read it here - http://www.scribd.com/doc/100399030/Free-Compulsory-Education-Bill-2003

Those who want to read text of The Right of Children to Free & Compulsory Education Act 2009 you can read it here - http://www.scribd.com/doc/168734037/Right-of-Children-to-Free-Compulsory-Education-Act-2009

3. Food for Work Program Vs. NREGA

National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme is nothing new really, except for its damaging scale & shoddy implementation. For those unemployed labourer in rural areas, the Govt earlier preferred Food for Work Program. Under BJP this program gave effective results. Even today in various rural areas, the old worn out boards declaring construction of a road under Food for Work program can be easily seen.

So, Food for Work Programs to guarantee rural employment was in force in 1977 during the days of Janta Party coalition Govt. Then in 2000-01, BJP-led NDA Govt re-implemented the same Food for Work Program under Employment Assurance Scheme.

As a matter of fact, Congress initially continued this scheme, when it announced its re-launch in November 2004, with its usual, change in the name. The program was called National Food for Work program.

However, for political gains, Congress transformed the same program to Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme with an annualized budget of nearly Rs.40,000 crore. The program went completely out of hand, has practically no implementation of constructive activities, has totally destroyed the healthy, available labour market & from recent reports, out of the Budgets sanctioned, even corruption has started taking place.

If you watch carefully, the Food in the Food for Work Program, ended becoming part of Food Security Act, and Work in this program become exclusive and on cash payment basis alone, under NREGA. But another BJP program added to the Food Security Act too.

For those, who want to read about 1977 Food for Work program, go to page 14 of this document link and for 2000-01 Food for Work Program, under Employment Assurance Scheme, start from page 19, of the same Planning Commission of India report on Rural Poverty Alleviation Programs - http://www.scribd.com/doc/168738760/Planning-Commision-Rural-Poverty

4. Antyodaya Anna Yojana Vs. Food Security Act

In December 2000, on Vajpayeeji’s birthday on 25th, BJP launched Antyodaya Anna Yojana. This program targeted 1 crore BPL Families, but even within that BPL bracket, this program was aimed at poorest of poor.

This is was the Original and more sensible Food Security Act. The program had a target coverage of less than 5%. The total subsidy on this program was not expected to be more than Rs.2315cr. By March 2001, out of One Crore families, 36 Lakh Families in 6 states had already been identified and AAY Rations Cards were issued to the same. The results were seemingly so good, that in 2002 budget, BJP decided to target additional 50 Lakh poorest of poor families and raised quantity of food grain per family from 25 Kgs to 35 Kgs. Out of these additional 50 lakh families 42.595 Lakh families were identified by the time election were held in May 2004.

You can read about this Program in this Press Information Bureau release of 28th March 2001 - http://pib.nic.in/feature/feyr2001/fmar2001/f280320011.html

This is still a running program, as a matter of fact. In August 2004, Chidambaram raised the target families from 1.5cr at the time to 2cr. Interestingly, in November 2004, yes the same time with Congress re-launched Food for Work Program as National Food for Work Program, the same Finance Minister, under this same Govt declared that they are unable to identify the target families. The Govt seemed to give up on a successful program within 3 months of itself having raised figures.

Not only that, its communication was so ambiguous that one would think the entire AAY program had failed, whereas the fact was that only the additional 50 Lakh families out of total 2cr were becoming difficult to identify. And that too when Govt had given less than 3 months to their additional targets. Clearly, the Govt’s heart was not in this wonderful program.

I am also forced to think that how does a Govt, which confessed failure at identifying 50 Lakh poorest of poor families in 2004 for rural poverty alleviation program like AAY, deliver on NREGA and how does it have the courage to deliver on mega-ambitious Food Security Act. Its just a sham for more corruption.

For those who want to read Congress’ 2004 failure on AAY, read here - http://www.financialexpress.com/news/antyodaya-scheme-many-states-yet-to-identify-poor/118030/0


Congress is an idea thief. It steals ideas criminally for two purposes – cheap Political brownie points and opportunities for corruption. It has an inherent ability to turn anything sacred into despicable den of corruption & pettiness.

We all know Congress’ penchant for mileage through Names of Schemes. For years, they have named schemes & institutions on Nehru-Gandhi family name. And now under criticism, they have shifted to giving grand names that give grand ideas to otherwise petty & harmful schemes.

Congress must be countered on this aspect solely as a service to the nation.

Monday, September 16, 2013

मत बिकने दो यह लोकतंत्र

जो मूक बना सब देख रहा,
घुर्राया था वो एक बार,
अमरीका से पैसे लेकर,
किया लोकतंत्र पे उसने वार

इस लूटपाट के पीछे ताक़त,
बाहर से मिलती रही,
बिक रहा हमारा लोकतंत्र,
शह चोरों को मिलती रही

मत बिकने दो यह लोकतंत्र,
है पास तुम्हारे एक यंत्र,
चुनना अपना तुम प्रतिनिधी,
जनमत रक्षा का मूलमंत्र

समझो अपनी इस ताक़त को,
हमें बहला कर बेचें ये देश,
बन साधू फिर आनेवाले,
बच लो, देकर जन का आदेश

अब देंगे मुफ़्त में दारू ये,
ये सौदा है काफ़ी मँहगा,
ये आज दिखाते हाथ तुम्हें,
कल तुमको ही देंगे ठैंगा

जब बाकि बस लुटते रहे,
गुजरात वहीं आगे बढ़ा,
छत्तीस गढ़ और मध्य प्रदेश,
भी साथ चलें कंधा मिला

आगे मोदी, संग रमन सिंह,
शिवराज भी साथ में चलते हैं,
है भाजपा सरकार जहाँ,
वहाँ ऐसे नेता मिलते हैं

आने वाला है अब चुनाव,
छोड़ो अपने सब मनमुटाव,
शुभचिंतक अपनी भाजपा,
जीते भारत का हर चप्पा

Friday, September 13, 2013

फिर सजा हुआ है कुरुक्षेत्र

फिर सजा हुआ है कुरुक्षेत्र,
बस शुरू हो रहा धर्मयुद्ध,
दस बरस से तरस रही है माँ,
सत्ता परिवर्तन, हो देश शुद्ध ।

कितना लूटा उन गुंडों ने,
इस देश को, देश के वासी को,
खिलखिला रही थी जो भूमी,
लुट कर लगती है प्यासी वो ।

नहीं बचा कोई भी मंत्रालय,
सब में घोटाला किया गया,
सुनने में आता है ऐसा,
सौ करोड़ करोड़ तक उड़ा दिया ।

अब अर्थव्यवस्था थर्राती,
यहाँ महँगाई मुद्रा स्फिती,
सोने की चिड़िया बनना था,
पर कर दी है विपरीत स्थिती ।

सीमा पर सात पड़ोसी हैं,
पाकिस्तां चीन बर्मा भूटान,
नेपाल बाँग्लादेश भी है,
श्रीलंका सागर के मध्यस्थान ।

सब बने हुए दुश्मन अपने,
कैसे भारत यूं घिरा पड़ा,
जब चीन की सेना करे प्रवेश,
भारत घुटनों पर गिरा पड़ा ।

इतने पर भी नहीं सुधरे हैं,
नए अस्त्र-शस्त्र न ख़रीद रहे,
टूटा सैनिक का मनोबल,
बस देश की ख़ातिर झेल रहे ।

बाहर की ही बस बात नहीं,
अंदर भी हालत ऐसी है,
माओबादी कहीं जिहादी हैं,
जनता की ऐसी-तैसी है ।

कभी मार भी दो आतंकी को,
ऐसा बवाल उठ पड़ता है,
मानो स्वतंत्रता सेनानी वो,
अंग्रेज़ों से जो लड़ता है ।

विस्फोट करें, गोली दागें,
हक़ है उनका ये जन्मसिद्ध,
गर मार दिया हमने उनको,
खाएँगे हमको ही चील-गिद्ध ।

बहु-बेटी का सम्मान नहीं,
नहीं निकल सकें जब सूर्य अस्त,
हर गली में रावण बैठा है,
मद, काम-वासना में हो मस्त ।

क्या होगा देश के वासियों का,
जब देश ही ना हो सम्मानित,
अब मुफ़्त की रोटी फेंक फेंक,
कर देंगे हमको अपमानित ।

खो रहा हमारा संविधान,
हुआ प्रधान मंत्री चपरासी,
ताक़त हथिया कर बैठी है,
वो परदेसी भारतवासी ।

बन रहे हैं जो क़ानून यहाँ,
मंत्री दिखाई नहीं देता है,
संसद में चिल्लाए विपक्ष,
पर कौन वहाँ पर सुनता है ।

कोलाहल ही कोलाहल है,
कहीं सोच समझ की बात नहीं,
भारतवासी नहीं समझ रहा,
क्यों राष्ट्रहित की नहीं बात कहीं ।

करें राजनीति ये पंथों की,
कहते बाक़ी सब दंगाई,
दंगे तो अब तक रुके नहीं,
बस बढ़ती है अब कठिनाई ।

दस बरस में दंगे हुए कई,
न पुलिस और न पत्रकार,
ना जान बचाने आते हैं,
ना सुनने दें डर की पुकार ।

गुपचुप हिंदू मारा जाता,
नहीं कानोंकान वो ख़बर कहीं,
गर मर जाए कोई मुस्लिम,
तब पत्रकार को सबर नहीं ।

क्या यही तरीक़ा मिला इन्हें,
सांप्रदायिक प्यार बढ़ाने का,
हुए जाते हैं सब दूर-दूर,
ये काम है हमें लड़ाने का ।

हर क्षेत्र में पिछड़े जाते हैं,
दम हो कर भी ग़म खाते हैं,
सोचा था मिलकर रहेंगे सब,
पर वो भी नहीं कर पाते हैं ।

बढ़ गया पाप का बोझ बहुत,
तड़पेगी कितनी यह जननी,
सौ करोड़ कि जनता कहती है,
ओ नेता! पड़ेगी अब सुननी ।

इसी देश में उसका लाल एक,
लेकर उसको आगे चला,
उसे देख-देख कर और भी कुछ,
नेताओं को रस्ता मिला ।

जनता का मन उसपे टिका,
ये लाल बड़ा ही लायक है,
है नाम नरेंद्र मोदी उसका,
ये आज का महा नायक है ।

ये धर्मयुद्ध जो खड़ा हुआ,
वहाँ कांग्रेस यहाँ भाजपा,
जीतें मोदी जी धर्मयुद्ध,
भारत का हर चप्पा-चप्पा ।

तुमसे है देश को आस बहुत,
भारत विकास और सम्रद्धी,
सब मिलकर साथ रहें ताकी,
अब हो व्रद्धी, रिद्धी, सिद्धी ।

न चोर-उचक्के मिले हमें,
न जात-पात का हो झगड़ा,
न पंथ-पंथ में मनमुटाव,
और धर्म देश में हो तगड़ा ।

हम साथ तुम्हारे हर क़दम,
जैसे-जैसे दिन बीतेगा,
इस धर्मयुद्ध में निश्चय ही,
तू "नरेंद्र" मोदी जीतेगा ।

Phir Saja Hua Hai Kurukshetra

Phir saja hua hai Kurukshetra,
Bas shuru ho raha Dharmyuddha,
Das baras se taras rahi hai Maa,
Satta parivartan, Ho Desh Shuddh

Kitna loota un gundon ne,
Is desh ko, desh ke vasi ko,
Khilkhilarahi thi jo bhoomi,
Lut kar lagti hai pyasi vo

Nahin bacha koi bhi Mantralaya,
Sab mein ghotala kiya gaya,
Sunane mein aata hai hai aisa,
Sau karor karor tak uda diya

Ab artha-vyavastha tharrati,
Yahan mehangai Mudra-sfiti,
Sone ki Chidiya banana tha,
Par kar di hai vipreet sthiti

Seema par saat padosi hain,
Pakistan, Cheen, Burma, Bhutan,
Nepal, Bangla Desh bhi hain,
Shree Lanka Sagar ke Madhya-sthaan

Sab bane hue dushman apne,
Kaise Bharat yoon ghira pada,
Jab Cheen ki Sena pravesh kare,
Bharat ghutano par gira pada

Itne par bhi nahin sudhare hain,
Naye astra-shastra na khareed rahe,
Toota sainik ka manobal,
Bas desh ki khaatir jhel rahe

Bahar ki hi bas baat nahin,
Andar bhi haalat aisi hai,
Maobadi kahin Jihadi hain,
Janta ki aisi-taisi hai

Kabhi maar bhi do aatanki ko,
Aisa bawaal uth padta hai,
Mano swatantrata senani wo,
Angrezon se jo ladta hai

Visfot karein, Goli Daagein,
Haq hai unka yeh Janma-Siddh,
Gar maar diya humnein unko,
Khayenge humo hi Cheel-Giddh

Bahu-Beti ka samman nahin,
Nahin nikal sakein jab surya-asta,
Har gali mein Ravan baitha hai,
Madh, Kaam-vaasna mein ho mast

Kya hoga desh ke vasiyon ka,
Jab desh hi na ho sammanit,
Ab muft ki roti phenk-phenk,
Kar denge humko apmanit

Kho raha hamara Samvidhaan,
Hua Pradhan Mantri Chaprasi,
Taqat hathya kar baithi hai,
Woh Pardesi Bharatvasi

Ban rahe hain jo kanoon yahan,
Mantri dikhai nahin deta hai,
Sansad mein chillaye vipaksh,
Par kaun wahan par suntan hai

Kolahal hi Kolahal hai,
Kahin soch-samajh ki baat nahin,
Bharatvasi nahin samajh raha,
Kyun Rashtra-hit ki nahin baat kahin

Karein Raajneeti ye pantheon ki,
Kehte baaki sab dangaai,
Dange to ab tak ruke nahin,
Bas badhti hai ab kathinai

Das baras mein dange hue kai,
Na police aur na patrakaar,
Na jaan bachane aate hain,
Na sunane dein dar ki pukaar

Gupchup Hindu maara jata,
Nahin kanon-kaan who khabar kahin,
Gar mar jaye koi Muslim,
Tab patrakaar ko sabar nahin

Kya yahi tareeqa mila inhein,
Sampradayik pyar badhane ka,
Hue jaate hain sab door-door,
Ye kaam hai humein ladane ka

Har Kshetra me pichhade jaate hain,
Dum ho kar bhi Gham khate hain,
Socha tha milkar rahenge sab,
Par who bhi nahin kar pate hain

Badh gaya paap ka bojh bahut,
Tadpegi kitni yah janani,
Sau karor ki janta kehti hai,
O Neta! Padegi ab sunani

Isi desh mein uska laal ek,
Le kar usko aage chala,
Usey dekh-dekh kar aur bhi kuchh,
Netaon ko rasta mila

Janta ka man uspe tika,
Ye laal bada hi layak hai,
Hai naam Narendra Modi uska,
Ye aaj ka maha nayak hai

Ye dharmyuddh jo khada hua,
Wahan Congress, Yahan Bha Ja Pa,
Jeetin Modi ji Dharmyuddha,
Bharat ka har chappa-chappa

Tumse hai desh ko aas bahut,
Bharat vikaas aur samriddhi,
Sab milkar saath rahein taaki,
Ab ho Vriddhi, Riddhi, Siddhi

Na Chor-Uchakke mile haemin,
Na jaat-paat ka ho jhagda,
Na panth-panth mein man-mutaav,
Aur Dharm desh mein ho tagda

Hum saath tumhare har kadam,
Jaise-jaise din beetega,
Is Dharmyuddh mein nishchaya hi,
Tu “Narendra” Modi jeetega

Thursday, September 12, 2013

इज्ज़त की रोटी

दे रही भीख तू जनता को, 
तेरी नीयत है कितनी  खोटी, 
हम पढ़े -लिखे परिवारों से, 
खायेंगे मेहनत की रोटी।
संघर्ष हमें करना आता,  
आराम किसे कब है भाता, 
तुम तो आलस में पले -बड़े,
हम अपने पांव पर हैं खड़े।
इज्ज़त-सम्मान क्या पता तुझे, 
घर पर बैठे - बैठे खाए, 
बहा खून पसीना है मेरा, 
तेरी भीख मुझे कैसे  भाए।
एक साल में तीन सौ पैंसठ दिन, 
बस सौ दिन का ही काम मिला, 
तु समझ क्या रहा है हमको, 
तेरी सत्ता को हम देंगे हिला।
आज़ादी के सरसठ सालों में, 
तिरप्पन साल थे तुम्हें दिए, 
बस करते रहे हो सत्यानाश, 
हम लाचारी -बेबसी जियें ?

अब अंत समय आया तेरा, 
ठुकराते हैं तेरी रोटी, 
नहीं संभलेगा भारत तुझसे, 
तेरी सोच रही कितनी  छोटी। 
अब सुन जनता का हुंकारा, 
जिसे तडपा कर तुने मारा, 
कीचड़ जो तूने किया बहुत, 
अब कमल वहीँ  खिलने वाला।
हम पुरा खाना खायेंगे, 
मेहनत से पैसे कमाएंगे, 
भारत को बढ़ना है आगे, 
हम घर घर कमल  खिलाएंगे।