Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Adil Shahryar – Warren Anderson Swap Deal

Adil Shahryar
Warren Anderson
Here are the key points for those who may want to understand Adil Shahryar – Warren Anderson Swap Deal.
  1. Adil Shahryar was son of Mohd. Yunus, a very close-aide of Indira Gandhi since 1940s.
  2. So, obviously, Adil Shahryar was a childhood friend of Rajiv & Sanjay Gandhi too.
  3. Adil was living in US and had been sentenced to 35yrs Imprisonment on 5 counts of Militancy in 1982. It was a high profile case.
  4. Charlston Heston was the Local Guardian for Adil Shahryar in US. Heston was the famous Hollywood actor known for Hallmarks of Hollywood like Ben Hur and Ten Commandments.
  5. Heston wrote 3 Letters to the US Attorney General of the time, William Smith, to reconsider the sentencing of Adil Shahryar, but Smith did not give in and explained his position in his replies. 
  6. Heston's efforts were in addition to efforts by Shri. Mohd. Yunus and "other persons acting on Mr. Shahryar's behalf", as revealed by US Attorney General in his reply.
  7. That Charlston Heston with such a hugely influential position failed to arrange Pardon for Adil Shahryar shows the resolve of the US Government on issues pertaining to Militancy, even if the convict had a high profile.
  8. Suddenly on 11th June 1985, President Reagan pardoned Adil Shahryar. There was no reason given, except as a Goodwill gesture.
  9. Actually, India’s then Prime Minister Shri. Rajiv Gandhi was visiting US on 11th June 1985 and American Press put it out clearly that Adil Shahryar, a convicted militant was being released on the occasion of arrival of his close childhood friend, Rajiv Gandhi.
  10. Rajiv Gandhi was, however, not such a popular World Leader that US would be compelled to release a convicted Militant. And during attempts by Charlston Heston in 1982, the US Govt had given clear reasons for its decision to not reconsider this issue.  Obviously, especially considering the secrecy that US Govt maintained on reasons of clemency, Adil Shahryar was being Swapped.
  11. On December 8, 1984, 7 months earlier, Rajiv Gandhi had allowed escape of Warren Anderson, Chairman of Dow Chemicals that was responsible for Bhopal Gas Tragedy of December 3, 1984.
  12. Rajiv Gandhi gave no reason whatsoever to explain the release from Jail and escape from India of Warren Anderson.
  13. CIA released documents related to Warren Anderson’s release (he may have been flown out on a CIA Plane), under Freedom of Information Act. Most parts were blacked out. But whatever little was shared with public; it said Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi arranged for release and escape of Warren Anderson.
  14. All key players of this old drama are dead today. Warren Anderson is dead, Adil Shahryar is dead, Mohd. Yunus is dead, Rajiv Gandhi is dead, Ronald Reagan is dead, Charlston Heston is dead, William Smith is dead, then CM of Madhya Pradesh Arjun Singh is dead.
  15. We only have three relevant documents 
  16. Scores of Bhopal Gas Tragedy Victims who died in Sleep
    1.  CIA’s debriefing on release of Warren Anderson
    2. 3 sets of Letters exchanged between Charlston Heston and US Attorney General William Smith 1, 2, 3
    3. New York Times news coverage of 11th June 1985
  17. Govt of India should seek clarification & confirmation from US Govt on Adil Shahryar-Warren Anderson Exchange.
  18. They should seek US Govt’s reply before December 3, 2015, 31st Anniversary of Bhopal Gas Tragedy. Today none of the responsible persons is alive. At least give the families of the victims a sense of closure.