Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Happy 64th Birthday to "Constitution of India"

Dear Constitution of India,

A Very Happy Birthday to you. You have turned 64yrs old today. You were born on 26th November 1949. But for ceremonial reasons adopted on 26th January 1950.

Dear Constitution, your parents felt you were born defective. After incubating you for nearly 3yrs, and in spite of those extensive debates, your parents felt you were born defective and that you needed replacement of organs. They amended you, nearly within the first 18 months of your coming to the world. They said, you were born with speech defect. You were found to be “gurgling” too much. Chacha Nehru’s peace was disturbed, so he had your tongue pinned at a few places. This operation took place on 18th June 1951.

Since then, you have gone through 98 surgeries of major & minor kinds. I heard they have already made incisions on you for the 99th. But because they called it 120th, the hospital where you get operated has left you alone. The Doctor who prepared you for operation is a dangerous man. His name is Kapil Sibal. He is bad with numbers. Last time, he read 1,76,000,00,00,000 as 0, i.e. 1.76 Lakh Crore as just a Zero. This time, he read 99 as 120.

We have often asked, why have you been operated so many times, they say, you are a “living” document. But I think with so many operations, these fellows are “killing” a “living” document.

In 2000, there were better Doctors in the hospital where you get operated upon. They called for a detailed test & diagnosis of all your problems. They called for the specialists for check your complaints & preliminary tests. These specialists submitted their report in 2002. The Doctors were ready to discuss the matter in detail and complete the tests & diagnosis of your forever fragile health. But then they weren’t allowed to do so by Doctors who made a living out of keeping you permanently in the hospital.

May be you were ill when you were born. The circumstances in which you were born had become unavoidable and that may have had some bearing on you. But it is so unhealthy to remain in the Hospital all your life. Isn’t it better, if we check all factors necessary for your healthy survival in one go, and then finish whatever has to be done in one-go, so that you can breathe open air?

Here’s few areas where you could do better

1. You know, you are the bulkiest Constitution in the World. Really. That’s obesity. May be they could make you leaner.

2. Your arm has some defect too. It has been unable to scratch your head properly. There’s a clip at your Joint No.370. We just need to remove it.

3. In spite of your first operation on speech, you are still having speech defect. Basically, you lost the speech. And now, the Press has to hold you in its hand like a Puppet and do what the “ventriloquists” do. They, speak for you and make the world believe that its you speaking.

You know, its your 64th Birthday. I don’t want to spoil it for you. You enjoy today. Have a bash. You are still young. Your variety lives on for 300yrs or more…

These Bad Doctors are leaving the hospital next year and the Good Doctors are coming back. Yes. The trustees realized how badly the Bad Doctors have messed with everyone’s health.

Once the Good Doctors have taken charge of Hospital & its Admin, they will turn attention to your health. They will relook at your 2002 Preliminary Report. Thereafter, they will consult all specialists to get correct diagnosis and prescription.

Don’t you worry. You are a champ. What you’ve done in spite of your health issues, few would have done. The cake is all yours.

Happy Birthday.


A Citizen.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Nasty with the Dynasty

Commemorating special days in honour of Nehru-Gandhi Family members, by pointing out to their burden-some legacies, faulty governance, nepotism and aspects of weakness in Leadership or Vision has become a general way for many of us to send home the message that the days of the Dynasty are over.

Till yesterday evening, I had some plans for the Nehru’s Birthday on 14th November, that is today. But all of a sudden, there was a wide pouring of emotions against Jawaharlal Nehru, right from late evening. I possibly would have joined the brigade, but the bile, the nastiness and in some cases crass rude references to Nehru’s private life, stopped me in the path.

Not only was the whole thing disagreeable, it was reaching a point where condemning it publicly was becoming increasingly necessary. The final point came when for the 2nd time since 31st October, amongst photographs of Nehru’s romantic linkages, there was a photograph of him with his sister, Viajayalakshmi Pandit. Soon came another photograph of a lady, younger, kissing on  Nehru from behind, in the presence of his sister Vijayalakshmi Pandit. The lady in question appears to be Chandralekha, daughter of Vijayalakshmi Pandit. And all these photographs were set in a collages and shared with people as Nehru’s Love Liaisons.

A light banter, references to gossips in M O Mathai’s largely discredited book in 2 Volumes, Reminiscences of the Nehru Age, is one thing. But this kind of viciousness is something else altogether. This has to be vocally condemned instead of maintaining a diplomatic silence and disagreeing privately.

What pinches the most is that this entirely petty and private issue hijacked a perfectly sane and reasonable criticism of Nehru’s 18 long years as the Head of the Government, from 1946-1964. Nehru’s entire career was filled with such shameful examples of mis-governance, lack of leadership & vision, nepotism, cannibalism of ex-partners in Freedom Struggle.

What de-motivates is that in spite of such a massive positive response in favour of BJP & Narendra Modi, my various friends in right-wing are still not confident enough about ending the gloss & sheen around the Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty purely on the basis of Governance Agenda, without bothering about Nehru or Indira Gandhi’s personal, bedroom lives.

This is a democracy. To each, his own. But I can surely make a friendly suggestion to my friends here that they should attempt to bring out to people matters of decades of mis-governance concerning the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty’s years in power.

In the past, I have shared some of my personal reflections on Nehru in blogpost written in August 2010.

The List of Nehru’s Blunders

I need not repeat what has already been said in my earlier Blog. But to refresh memories, I shall briefly list my grouses against Nehru;

  1. He disallowed other Freedom Fighters from participating in governance. An mentally tormented those who he thought challenged his supremacy. For e.g. the case emerging from narration of an incident between Nehru & Sardar Patel by M K K Nair, when the matter of sending Army into Nizam’s Hyderabad was under consideration
  2. Dr. Rajendra Prasad, President of India, wrote to Nehru in 1959 pointing out cases of “corruption” raised, amongst others, by none less than V P Menon himself. Nehru tried to “bully” the President itself and asked him not to put such things in writing. Luckily, Dr. Prasad was courageous and admonished him again.

     Please read these two letter written by Dr. Rajendra Prasad to Jawaharlal Nehru on CORRUPTION in 1959. Check Prasad's reference to Nehru's attitude.
  3. Nehru refused to accept the Soldiers of INA into Indian Army. Not only that, he had agreed with Lord Mountbatten during an interview with him on 2nd August 1947 that no publicity would be given to INA Prisoners. You can read it in more detail here
  4. Trusting Chinese and mistrusting his own Generals in 1959 and calling them War Mongers
  5. Backstabbing Chiank Kai Shek and becoming a one sided friend of Mao Tse Dong, who possibly didn’t even care for him.
  6. Complete screw up on Jammu & Kashmir. Was extremely weak on maintaining territorial integrity. Learnt nothing even after years in power and as late as 1956, he believed investment in Armed Forces and Armament is a sheer waste of money. Watch this video from 45 seconds onwards

  7. Then, of course is his screwed up policy on Economy.

Behind all of this, my personal assessment says, was extremely ambitious nature of Motilal Nehru, the first man in the family who after years of Poverty reached a considerably high economic & social status in his life. This nature passed on to Jawahar and later Indira, can easily be seen as a key factor behind the lofty ideas held by the family. I am putting here the excerpt of the letter Motilal wrote to his elder brother Bansidhar in 1912.

I guess that should be sufficient on this Birthday of Jawaharlal Nehru.