Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day

In these times, the society does need special days to remind and celebrate causes that should ideally be part of our upbringing and consciousness. It is not a complaint, but acknowledgement of the necessity because we live in such Kaliyug. 

Mother's Day has a very special meaning and opportunity for Sanatana Dharmi society worldwide to relook at the concept of a Mother. Is mother a mere person, who gives birth? Or does motherly concept stretch beyond just this? 

From giving birth, to nourishing, to bringing up her children, a mother has the greatest role and she does all of this with unconditional love, and without ever complaining. This alone is a great test and an opportunity for a mother to cultivate the virtue of Tolerance. And hence, two of the greatest qualities one learns from a mother is Unconditional Love (Loving Kindness) & Tolerance.

And at the same time, when a Mother sees her children becoming wayward, her anger, without any bitterness, is directed entirely to bring the children back on correct path. 

And such qualities are not limited to a person. All around us, we see things that are "Mother Personified". Where we find phenomena of producing, of nourishing, of helping along the upbringing with unconditional love, tonnes of tolerance and the anger without bitterness to bring us on the correct path. And that is the third quality we learn from her.

From a Human Mother who gives us birth; to Mother Nature which gives us all, including our human mother, the wonderful things like Sun, Wind, Water, that gives us food, that gives us natural resources; to Mother Earth or MotherLand, that gives us Shelter, Security, Law & Justice, a chance to enjoy the natural resources; to Cow/Buffalo that give us Milk, that offer us livelihood, and whose dung gives us fuel, whose urine can give us medicine; we find that Mother is not just a person who gives us birth, but also so many things that personify the motherly qualities.

Recognising these motherly qualities in persons and things around us only helps us in cultivating fourth virtue in us - Gratitude. Gratitude for all that we receive, from a selfless giver, with that nourishing loving kindness & compassion. And that teaches us the fifth virtuous quality - to be a Selfless Giver, to share, to indulge in charity. And the sixth virtuous quality - Compassion. 

We are Human Beings, endowed with greater faculties than any other species of animals, we know in Science. As we evolve further, we must evolve into a serious, deeply reflecting, deeply absorbing, wise beings rather than the frivolous, superficial society that we are turning into. Only such reflecting, absorbing, aware, wise human being with virtuous qualities will give the hope that the society has a chance to move from Kaliyug into Satyug as well. 

So let the Mother's Day stand for something bigger, something that broadens the horizon of our wisdom and enhances our human qualities. 

May all beings be happy. 

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