Saturday, October 19, 2013

Positive Politics

Politics is a profession. It is not a part-time business which you can undertake after your regular office hours. Politics entails 

1. Governance 

2. Spreading the acceptance for the Philosophy behind Governance & 

3. For a very large part of the time it constitutes fighting off rivals, their allegations, or making allegations against them. 

So competitiveness in Politics requires you to grow your stock not by drawing a taller line alone, but also rubbing down the line next to yours.

For largest no. of people, it is this last part of Political Engagement that finds attraction. It is what they learn about the inter-party politics and it is what they practice intra-party, therefore. It is this last part which has brought Politics a bad name. The rivalry-related activity in politics is the black cloud that hides even the Sun. It is entirely unwanted but totally necessary, at least upto the time when neither one provokes, nor the other gets provoked.

Somewhere for new generation, the idea should be to participate minimally in rival oriented discourse and focus on Governance and spreading of Philosophy behind Governance.

The Internal Politics

This is what we call the intra-party politics. Usually such a politics is referred to at the higher levels of Offices of a Political Party. But let no one fool you that it doesn’t exist at lower or entry levels. As a matter of fact, the politics at the lower levels is sharper, sillier, detestable & entirely petty.

One of the eye-openers you will have when you join any political party is that all the fingers we raised at senior politicians for the internal politics they play, make us no better than them. This is the first thing that most people indulge in automatically, naturally, once they join politics.

Politics is a Great Leveler

Someone once said to me, “Politics is a great leveler”. It is, I so agree. Irrespective of the background, irrespective of the moral values we measure others by, when we join politics, we all end up playing at the same petty levels. That’s why politics is a great leveler.

At the higher levels at least they fight each other off for gains of higher powers, at the lower/entry levels people fight for something they absolutely don’t understand, or sometimes for almost nothing actually. It’s a compulsive behavior. Yes, here you can pass the buck to the seniors for having set such an example.

Political participation for a Common Man

Some of us common men who tried participating in the political process, actually stepped out of the political pool, not really after taking the Dip, but immediately after wetting our feet. The temperature of the political waters was found entirely unsuitable for our mental health.

Politics is not the source of our income. It is a burden. It is a responsibility that has been loaded on our shoulders in a democratic set-up. We can contribute to it, we don’t ask anything of it, but we don’t expect it to give us undesirable gifts of headaches, in the form of petty politics. We don’t want politics to pull us down its leveler, and make us operate from the same petty levels. That’s one thing that some of us may never be able to live with in this life.

So, we decided to participate in the political process without entering the muddy pool. We operate from outside. We don’t like to keep political ambitions, we just like to have ambitions for the Nation. For the sake of the nation, we choose the political party that will be able to deliver closest to Nation’s necessities. Here in my case, I have chosen BJP. So have many of my friends. Some may have chosen Congress or any other Political Party.

This doesn’t mean we discourage political ambitions. Ambitions are a key fuel in developing leadership and achieving excellence. We just believe we don’t have to step onto other people’s heads to achieve our ambitions. We have managed to achieve our ambitions in personal and professional life, so far, without stepping on someone’s head. We believe it is possible and therefore preferred. So, those who have ambitions in politics, in such groups, do so, on the basis of talent and ability to perform, rather than the known modus operandi of the incompetent lot.

What do we do in the election season?

This is the election season. My personal belief is that this particular election is happening at a make or break juncture in India’s post-independence life. It is happening at a time when India has been placed intentionally, by the current dispensation at the Center, in a situation that it may cease to exist. Its internal chaos caused by utter confusion on ideologies, terminologies, sense of social security, misplaced economic goals etc, is about to take India into an Abyss. The world is all set to take full advantage of our unfortunate position.

At this juncture all that matters to my political participation is nation. This is the time for me to give full backing to the political party who I think will bring the country back from the brink of destruction.

I am not seeking directions from my favored political party. The party and its cadres are doing what they can do in their organized chaos. I am more interested in seeing what they are unable to do. I am interested in filling in to those shoes. I wish to complement the initiatives of the party. So do many of my friends.

We want to standby the party. We don’t want to complain. We don’t want to make unsolicited suggestions. If we have a suggestion, if we think the Party can win by making certain efforts, as its well-wishers, we intend to take up that role ourselves, if our abilities allow. We invite others to join us to make our collective abilities increase.

Whatever we do, it is non-competitive. It is complementary. It is undeserving of competition, back-biting and brickbats. It is deserving of suggestions, invitation to participation and encouragement.

We do it free of cost to Party. We do it free of pettiness. We do it free of headaches.

We invite others, who want to just do it this way, this election campaign.

Moral of this Story

Politics can be a game of high ambitions. But when your mind is focused on the nation, you will find it easy to choose the vacant positions.


  1. What you are doing is absolutely right Wish you the very best

  2. What you are doing is absolutely right All the best in your effort for the country

  3. I simply love it !
    Wish u all the good luck .Hope to see a new India.

    vivek Kulshrestha

  4. It is time everyone got involved in nation building