Sunday, October 27, 2013

D for Daamad ka Karobaar

Narendra Modi has rightly defined D in the English Alphabet as Daamad ka Karobaar.

For many it is a mere reference to the Land Scam that has been brought to light by controversial IAS Officer Dr. Ashok Khemka. For some, it is about understanding the Daamad ka Karobaar in detail. To understand his methodology while using influence of his wife, Priyanka Gandhi’s Family’s Political Influence, or using the money raised by the family through corruption, in his own business interests.

Everyone was almost always suspecting Robert Vadra of benefitting from Congress being in the power, there were multiple stories too, but there were no whistleblowers. For almost 8years or so, Indians hoped that someone with enough courage and honesty, with detailed knowledge of one of Vadra’s scams will surely come forward. It finally happened when Dr. Ashok Khemka, a controversial IAS Officer in Haryana who is now famous for over 40 transfers in nearly 20yrs career, cancelled the mutation entry in a land deal in Gurgaon.

There is no question that this act of Dr. Khemka has instantly catapulted him into stardom for anti-corruption crusaders of all political colors. Khemka’s stardom neither demands details of the case nor demands validity of action. The he blew the whistle itself is a courageous task worthy of praise.

But is it beneficial for us, from a perspective of conviction of the corrupt, to give prolonged attention to only Dr. Khemka instead of the merits of the case?

It is alarming to note prolonged celebration of Dr. Khemka. The entire Deal, which could be a Scam, has now become Dr. Khemka Centric, rather than Centering around Robert Vadra & Bhupinder Singh Hooda.

If the public wants to see the Scamsters getting convicted in the Court of Law, they must be clear that the work begins from the stage of direction of investigation. Incorrect line of investigation could lead to dead-ends and close the case before the investigative agencies can even file a case under relevant sections of Indian Law. Then we have to be careful about the relevant sections under which charges are framed against the scamster. Then hope that the Lawyers engaged present the case and argue about it in the correct manner. At any of these stages the case against a powerful scamster could be weakened and lead to the scamster going scott-free.

But instead of remaining focused, we find that public attention is diverted towards the on-going circus.

Now to the Case – Vadra & Hooda Aspect

We will not revisit the entire case as presented by Dr. Khemka because I have already done that in my two part article on this subject. Friends can read Part 1 - and Part 2 -

The key matter which has raised Dr. Khemka’s suspicion is the low purchase price and high sale price by Skylight Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. and there does seem something missing. But a closer look will tell you that while there does seem some mismatch in the pricing, it is possibly not in the sale price which happened 4yrs later in 2012, but in the purchase side, which happened in 2008.

Here’s what requires an investigation

1. What was the going open market price in Village Shikohpur of Gurgaon? Chances are, agencies may find that the going price in the open market in the area were between 5-10crs per acre.

2. If the land, as per 2008 open market price, cost Rs.17.5cr to Rs.35cr. for what reasons did Omkareshwar Properties decided to sell the property to Robert Vadra’s company for a mere Rs. 7.5cr? A gap of Rs.10cr to nearly Rs.27.5cr?

3. Did Omkareshwar Properties receive cash for the remainder of the amount?

4. What was the reason for so much comfort between Omkareshwar Properties and Robert Vadra, that Omkareshwar signed the Conveyance Deed (Sale Deed) without collecting its full amount from Vadra? And then also paying the Stamp Duty, even though the Land was sold for so cheap.

5. What is the nature of relationship between Satyanand Yajee, owner of Omkareshwar Properties & Haryana CM Bhupinder Singh Hooda? Similarly, what is the relationship of the Directors of the company – Sandeep Dahiya & Sushil Gupta – with Haryana CM Bhupinder Singh Hooda.

6. Did Haryana CM Bhupinder Singh Hooda have anything to do with the remarkable comfort shown by Omkareshwar Properties with Robert Vadra’s company?

7. What is the total extent of relationship that Haryana CM Bhupinder Singh Hooda have with Omkareshwar Properties

8. How did Omakreshwar Properties come to own this property? Who were the earlier owners? Was it Govt Land? Was it Panchayat Land? Was it a farm land owned by some farmer?

9. Can Omkareshwar Properties being Benaami Holding of Bhupinder Singh Hooda, be ruled out? Do Satyanand Yajee, Sandeep Dahiya & Sushil Gupta have the wherewithal to own & manage Omkareshwar Properties?

10. What was the source of funds for Omkareshwar Properties? How did they finance the purchase of this 3.53 acre land in Shikohpur?


It is these questions that we need to make part of our discourse. We must be very clear that if the public discourse can be directed well, the Opposition Leaders like Yashwant Sinha, who have demanded Judicial Investigation in the last Parliament Session, will be able to pose finer questions to the Govt. and therefore, if & when the Govt submits to public demand for Judicial Investigation into Robert Vadra Land Scam, we may find these finer points in the Terms of Reference. A thorough investigation of these points could bring out facts that will allow investigators to form correct charges under specific sections of Indian Law.

I request you to join this debate.


  1. AAP has never been serious in combating corruption They are promoted by TV channels