Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My name is Sibal and I have no Principle

Sibal is my name, and I have no shame,
All my explanations may be lame,
But for me Politics is just a game,
My name is Sibal and I have no Principle

No, no, there’s been no loss,
This nation can go for a toss,
I won’t implicate my boss,
There was a Zero Loss,
My name is Sibal and I have no Principle

I am a Minister,
But I am really just a crook,
I am a lawyer,
I can cheat you by the Book,
My name is Sibal and I have no Principle

Once I called on Ramdev,
Threats and warning’s what I gave,
But he won’t give-up the fight,
So, I had him beat-up at midnight,
My name is Sibal and I have no Principle

I run IT & Communication,
I care two hoots for this Nation,
I want my party to loot,
If you protest, I will shoot,
My name is Sibal and I have no Principle

I love Free Speech,
Only when you praise,
I will ensure a ban,
If our crimes is what you raise,
My name is Sibal and I have no Principle

You may ask what I care for,
Answer is known to you all,
I want power & money,
That’s why Sonia’s my honey,
My name is Sibal and I have no PRINCIPLE.


  1. Your name is Piyush
    and you will push
    these buggers hiding behind the bush

    Super post

  2. Awesome.
    Every word is so true and real.Question is, why is civil society,intelligencia,the learned are quiet?

  3. Simply superb Piyush.

    Where will this man ever hide from all this. You have just nailed to the floor.

  4. Awesome man u r as good William Wordsworth keep rocking

  5. superb...
    poetry is awesome..
    1>sibal wants swamy and bjp to apologise to chidu for verdict by court on chidu. and this when that same case/law process is being carried at higher courts now. but wd sibal dare ask sonia,congress and seltalvad and such ngos to apologise to modi ? especially now that modi has been said as efficient and honest in his handling of riots by SIT and 3 other such institutions/mechanism ( riots followed godra burning of hindu children,women at night in a train)
    2>auctioning of all resources is a no brainer unless at exceptional cases..but for sibal this sc judgement is serious and far reaching consequence..

  6. Piyush, you rock man

  7. The radio jokey is a BJP chela.He makes fun of congress leaders ignoring his BJP babus sin.When Dr Swamy directly tweeted against crook Jaitely,He was pissed off in his jokey!Started blaming Dr Swamy as well.How can a real estate broker live without these corrupt political baabbus?

  8. To Anonymous Feb 21, 2012 10:33

    Are you in favor of what Sibal is doing? Regardless of what Piyush's views are on other matters, which you are free to agree or disagree with, he has definitely hit the nail on the blockhead of Sibal!In a country where there is little leeway for the common man, Piyush shows a lot of courage in his tweets and in holding on to his views! Your slur on his integrity is not appreciated.

  9. easily the most repulsive in congress.

  10. As usual - you are awesome. Actual awesome is a small word

    Your silent admirer

  11. You Rock Piyush bhai

    Neel Soni (neel_sa)

  12. awesome piyush.This poem's like a slap on the face of congress.

  13. Classical poetry....well done Piyush Bhai. ShivsBHARAT on Twitter.

  14. Awesome!!! Applauds from all Patriotic tweeples !!!