Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It is not an "Intelligence Failure"

Ever since the Kargil days India's Intelligence department has been under a constant scanner and criticism. It has also become an easy punching bag for lousy politicians who simply occupy the chair to feel powerful but do not fulfill the responsibilities in return for the powers given to them.

It is not to say that India's intelligence team is anything at the level of MOSSAD or even CIA. May not be even closer to ISI in terms of external intelligence, but then ISI, in my opinion is the "non-state actor" that the Pakistan Govt. keeps referring to. But Indian Intelligence has improved drastically over a period of time.

When Home Minister P Chidambaram says that there is no intelligence failure, I like to believe that, even if the state CM keeps complaining about the lack of intelligence. May be he is referring to his own intelligence and if it is that, I completely agree with the CM.

On a serious note, Indians need to understand that the security apparatus of the country faces a very strong weakness and that is of "Policy Failure". Here is what may happen when an intelligence is shared with the state machinery. The IB shares information with the PMO, which shares with respective parties and then the police that should be able to act on it is in two minds. The terror suspect, almost invariably, is someone from the muslim community. If the police arrests him on the basis of intelligence reports alone, then the entire community and few human rights groups will stand up and charge the govt. and the police with discrimination because of their religion and also of brutality in the custody. That means Congress and many other muslim favoring parties will stand to lose the votes of the community that brings them to power. Then, few probes will be announced, officers and men from police forces will be suspended and matter will come to a naught. A terror suspect will become free along with an almost understandable immunity from police action against him in the future.

What also makes the matters worse is the physical appearance of these terrorists. We typically assume them to be long bearded, rough-tough sorts. But they turn out to be some next-door-neighbour type, nicely educated doctors, engineers and IT professionals, sometimes even good-looking and a few times they are young girls and women. This makes the police charges absolutely unbelievable because whether we like it or not, we do get affected by the physical appearance of a thing.

In other words, India suffers from the Muslim Appeasement politics of certain political parties and general lack of faith in the govt. and govt. apparatus. The second part is wholly due to the largely corrupt nature of many political leaders.

India needs leadership as well as voters who have the courage to stand up for what is correct and in favor of the country and countrymen. The Congress govt. has to stop this policy of Muslim Appeasement. In fact, they must stop the policy of appeasement in all forms. Appeasement policies like reservation, special arrangements on religious occassions, special personal laws so on and so forth.

Muslim Appeasement is responsible for most of the inaction by the Indian security establishment. I can give examples:

Example no. 1: Intelligence on Sleeper Cells

It is a general knowledge today that we have sleeper cells of terrorists operating in our country. In simple language these are normal, common looking people doing common job like the way any family man does. He could be your neighbour and will have a clean record over the last 20-25 years. His utility to the Jehadi bosses is of that one time contribution, during a specific operation, and if he dies in that operation it has be to be considered as martyrdom. This sleeper cell, which is in the form of a simple family, gets active one final day on which tens or hundreds of lives of innocent Indians may be lost.

This whole story is a common knowledge now. What kind of solution can anyone suggest for a problem like this? These sleeper cells do not speak to their bosses for a very long time. Their conduct may be super clean. There is no way that intelligence agencies are going to be in a position to know which specific family is a sleeper cell of the terrorists. The only way is to have the police interrogate them through different techniques whenever they find something even remotely unconvincing about a suspect. But we ourselves disallow them from doing this.

Example No. 2: Bangladeshi Illegal Immigrants

India has so many Bangladeshi illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. This is a well recognized fact. Security agencies have raised this matter time and again but due to votebank politics of Muslim Appeasement, Congress govts have time and again denied these reports or ignored them in terms of taking action on these reports.

There have been continued skirmishes between BSF and BDR in order to facilitate infiltration of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. Political bosses have refrained from taking any specific action against these cases which has weakened the extent of action that BSF is ready to take on this subject. There are estimated to be over 1.5 crore illegal Bangladeshi immigrants in India. This is the report of the intelligence but what is the govt. doing? If anything, they are naturalizing these illegal immigrants by putting the onus of proving their citizenship on the Govt of India rather than on the immigrant himself, as is specifically provided under the law. Also, passports are being issued them on loose terms, which is not the case with the actual citizens of the country.

I am afraid that though the Unique Identification Number program is a good thought, the illegal Bangladeshi immigrants will be discreetly regularized as Indian citizens through this program.

Example no. 3: Use of Madarsas

Intelligence agencies have continuously raised the matter of illegal and anti-national activities being taken up at Madarsas. Social organizations have raised continuous doubts about the extreme religious orientation being given to the students too. But when was the last time we heard the govt. taking actions against the madarsas? Congress govt. is shying away from taking any action against these Madarsas as they fear making Muslim community angry by their actions.

Isn't that Muslim Appeasement too. One can go on about the examples and, definitely expect shoddy replies from the govt. defending their inaction or the appeasement policy.

What may the govt. say for such inaction?

They say that they do not have an specific proof of the suspects involvement. Therefore, they cannot take any action against the person.

Well, they will get the "proofs" once they begin the investigation. The intelligence is meant to take on-ground investigation and collect further proof in order to enforce law. Intelligence agencies gather intelligence, not conduct on-ground investigation. Why is this simple thing so hard to understand?

I believe the govt should come out with a clear, secular, nationalist policy and tell the countrymen that it doesn't recognize religious affiliation of any terrorist and directs the religious group to refrain from giving such actions a religious color and also not hamper the investigations as such bodies may be slapped with the charge of conniving with the accused and obstructing the road of justice.

This will be possible through stricter laws like POTA and GUJCOC. Both have been inspired by the MCOCA in Maharashtra. Home Minister should refrain from playing politics over matters of security. He should also disallow his ego from ruling his mind when he gives his advice to the President of India.

Indians can only wish that the Congress govt. will shed the policy of Muslim Appeasement and treat all citizens equally.

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  1. WOW! You are really good at throwing out 'facts' based on a 'general understanding'! Add some evidence to your claims, let those 'terror suspects' be actually convicted and then you could try your hand at putting some 'facts' to the table.

    And I thought you were authentic!