Monday, February 1, 2010

Hind desh ke nivasi, sabhi jan ek hain

The statement by RSS Sarsanghachalak is bold and characteristic. I, for one, am with Shri. Mohan Bhagwat. Wish this statement was made back in 2008 when the goons of MNS were let loose on helpless north-Indians in Mumbai.

It was also shameful to see that Shiv-Sena, our ally in Maharashtra, was begging for a footage in such a dirty, unwanted and desperate scene.

May be it was the compulsion of electoral politics that BJP kept quiet. Afterall, General election 2009 were not very far away and to have a break-up in the alliance at such a time needed courage. Simply put, no one mustered it then.

However, better late than never. I am happy and satisfied to see RSS and BJP coming clean on this account, finally.

More interesting is the tone of the statement. It simply makes it a moral duty for all elements of the Sangh Parivaar to stand by the helpless north Indians in Maharashtra, should Shiv-Sena or MNS goons stand-up to beat them in public.

I am sure, over the next few days, BJP will come out with a detailed policy on this subject and this clarity will allow the party to prepare a future roadmap with a sharper focus on priorities.

However, I am appalled at the intellectually, morally and courage-wise bankrupt Congress running helter-skelter and going to the extent of doubting the sincerity of such a decision. All said and done, RSS is not known to make frivolous comments, the way the current bunch of Congress spokespersons do.

Lets look at what Congress govt. in Maharashtra, as well as the Centre, did to control the violence that erupted due to this issue. They just issued an ineffective GAG order. That useless order didn't stop Raj Thackeray from speaking his mind and his goons from perpetrating terror on poor north-Indians. Congress had an entire govt. law and order machinery at their disposal and all of it seemed defunct.

Raj Thackeray has so many summons from various courts in different states, and he has cared two hoots for these judicial calls. He's clear that he's not submitting and the Congress govt. at the centre and the state doesn't wish to correct this aberration.

The govt. even went to the extent of trying to impose a law, making it mandatory for taxi drivers to know Marathi before they get permission to operate. Ridiculous.

Keeping this shoddy track record of handling the matter of anti-north Indian slant, Congress should just keep its faltering mouth shut.

The Bold Mr. Bhagwat

Mr. Bhagwat has also reminded the nation about its oneness, of its territorial integrity and the administrative compulsion for creating states.

I am reminded of that interesting video on Doordarshan, made by Films Division of India, which was in heavy circulation back in early or mid-80s. I was a small kid then and often sang this song. Interestingly, this short film was made by a Maharashtrian by the name of Vijaya Mule. Here's the link:

I am sure that this new statement by Mr. Bhagwat will inspire the correct line of thought amongst the Maharashtrian masses and will defeat forces that seek to divide the country on linguistic, religious and casteist lines. It should give moral strength to all Indians to defend the integrity of India.

However, as a true Indian we will also do good to remember that the regional identities do exist. But these have to be harmoniously united with the National Identity. I had posted my views on this subject in an earlier post. For those, who want to read further:

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